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Tibetan Massage Technique

One of the types of Tibetan massage Ku Nye -Has a soft and relaxing and at the same time a deep impact on the body. Massage Ku Nye is divided into two types - therapeutic and preventive. Before you go to the session of this massage you need to conduct a diagnosis to identify all the problems of a person with health. According to the diagnostic results, a special massage oil is made, the number of sessions and a combination of techniques are assigned. In order to achieve results, 4-10 sessions are required. Massage Ku-Nieu lasts about two hours and is divided into two stages.

Stage Ku. At this stage, a special oil is applied, with the help of special exercises, the mobility of the joints and spine is restored, the body temperature is normalized.

Nye's stage. At this stage, massage of body points and meridians is done, deep work with tendons and muscles. Can be used wooden sticks, river pebbles, shells. If necessary, cleansing with smoke of medicinal herbs is used. Massage Ku Nye preserves youth, beauty and health, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Massage should be done on the floor, not on the couch, so that you can relax, and the masseur was more comfortable to manipulate the body.

The next kind of massage is Tibetan sound massage. The method of this kind of massage is in metal bowls, which are applied to different parts of the body in a certain order. The masseur with the help of a special handle touches the bowl and it begins to radiate vibration. This vibration penetrates into every cell of the body, the body achieves harmony and the highest point of relaxation. The organism is tuned to one wave and there comes a sense of integrity and harmony. Even with the greatest stress, after a while you will feel relaxation and harmony. For the full effect, it is recommended to go through seven sessions. With this massage you will find a solution to all the problems, you will be ready to face all your fears, release your experiences - it's incredible, but it's true. Also, sound massage helps with headaches and migraines, musculature and musculoskeletal disorders, depression, gastrointestinal diseases, insomnia.

The third kind of Rang-Drol - with a translation from the Tibetan"Self-liberation", this is a point-energy massage with hands. When the hands interact with the body, then excess energy is released. Each part of our body is responsible for any functions of the body, after releasing excess energy, this part of the body can find a way to cure itself. There are 26 energy gates in the human body, and each of them is responsible for its functions, for the heart, stomach, immunity and so on. And when the energy is blocked, the work of these parts of the body changes. With the help of hands, we can awaken the energy areas and connect the energy flow, then the causes of the imbalance disappear and the harmony of the body and soul begins. Acupressure can be used as a prophylactic, and as a method of treatment. It is very effective and helps with various disorders of the body.

Point massage should be started from the top down,Processing all points from the head to the legs. The main points are points on the central back line of the head, back and sacrum. Massage should be started from the main points, heading towards the lateral points. The lateral points should be started to be massaged on the right side, moving to the left side, and then to the central downstream point. If a combination of massage techniques is chosen correctly in view of the patient's illnesses, the diseases can be treated at the first sessions. But you should not rely solely on massage, you also need to maintain your health with proper nutrition and lack of bad habits. After the massage, the patient should be asleep as long as possible.

Look after your body, appreciate your health - and your body will pay you the same!

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