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Sea Cabbage Wraps

Sea Cabbage Wraps

Prescription number 1. Seaweed wrap for weight loss

We will buy seaweed in the pharmacy, we will cultivate itHot water, let's stand and on the cleared legs and thighs we will apply a smooth layer of wet sea kale, then wrap it on top with a film. And then the roll from the film for food products perfectly suits, it well adjoins to a body. And on top we will cover with a wool blanket, this will create a greenhouse effect. We lie down for half an hour, then we wash the body with warm water. Procedures are done 2 times a week until we get the desired result.

Recipe number 2. Wraps from camphor or lemon oil, yolk, seaweed against cellulite

To do this, take 2 tbsp. Spoon kelp, it is sold in a pharmacy and diluted with hot water. Let's leave the kelp for 15 minutes, so that the algae come alive, swell and give up their mighty power. Then add the yolk, 20 drops of camphor and 10 drops of lemon oil. We mix it, rub the problem areas and wrap it with plastic wrap. Leave it for 45 minutes, then wash it under the shower.

Recipe number 3. Rejuvenating body wrap for thighs with sea kale

We take two packets of sea kale, we will fill in for 1 hour2 liters of hot water (70 degrees). Let's strain the gruel through gauze. We put the mass on the hips and wrap it with polyethylene. We will wrap our hips with warm scarves and scarves. In this state, we lie about one hour. After an hour, remove the wrap and rinse with warm water.

Wrapping sea cabbage prevents aging, renews cells, restores the structure of the skin, thanks to vitamins and minerals found in sea kale.

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