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Anti-cellulite bath with essential oils

For such baths it is recommended to use oilsOrange, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, pine, juniper, rosemary, neroli. Anti-cellulite bath with essential oils can be taken every day, while relaxing and caring for your body.

Bath with oils against cellulite: general recommendations

When preparing an anti-cellulite bath, you need to know thatEssential oils are not directly added to the water. First, the oils are dissolved in a small container in a small amount of milk, sea salt, honey or bran and already this mixture is added to the bath with water (water temperature 37-38 degrees). Do this because the essential oils remain on the surface of the water and do not mix with it. And milk, honey, bran gives the opportunity to distribute the oil throughout the thickness of the water, which allows you to contact the entire body during the bath.

Baths should be taken 2-3 hours afterFood. Before taking a bath, you should wash yourself under the shower, but not with soap or shower gel, and using bran, oat flakes or egg yolk, then just take a bath. Reception of an anti-cellulite bath can last from 10 to 30 minutes. After the bath, do not necessarily rinse, if necessary, you can use a contrast shower to cheer up. At the end of the procedure, you should rest for 30-40 minutes. After the bath you can not drink alcohol. To get rid of cellulite, using aromatic baths, you need to take a course for 6-8 weeks.

Anti-cellulite bath: recipes

  1. Dissolve 7-9 drops (further to.) Lemon oil in sea salt or in bath foam and add to water. This bath increases the elasticity of the skin, makes it smooth and eliminates cellulite. This bath should be taken 2 times a week for 20 minutes.
  2. Base oil bath: 4 k. Oil of rosemary, 6 l. Butter of thyme, 3 c. Juniper oil or 1 kg of rosemary oil, 2 c. Lemon oil, 1 l. Lavender oil, 1 gallon of sage oil, 1 g. Geranium oil or 3 c. Lemon oil , 5 to. Butter of thyme, 5 kg of rosemary oil. Dilute one part of each mixture in 10 parts of the base oil and add to a warm bath.
  3. Bath on the basis of almond oil: 1 teaspoon of almond oil, 10 kg of grapefruit oil, 8 kg of geranium oil, 10 kg of bergamot oil, 3 kg of cinnamon or muscat oil, 1 teaspoon of honey. It is based on almond oil, since other oils dissolve in it. Mix the remaining essential oils, add the mixture into almond oil and combine with honey. This bath well nourishes the skin, regenerates it, and is also effective as a lifting.
  4. It will take 4 kg of orange oil, 4 k. Grapefruit oil, 6 cc juniper oil, 3 cc lemon oil, 3 cc cypress oil. All essential oils must be dissolved in 200 ml of cream and added to water. The bath should be taken for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Measure 5-8 oranges of orange oil, add to the olive oil taken as a base, and mix with water.
  6. A bath with one of the proposed formulations should beTake once a day: 2 kg of cypress oil, 2 ml of juniper oil, 2 ml of dill oil or 2 kg of lemon oil, 2 kg of black pepper oil, 2 kg of sage oil or 2 kg of rose oil, 2 c. Geranium oil, 2 c. Dill oil sweet. The mixture is dissolved in 30 ml of base oil. After the anti-cellulite bath you need to take a cool shower.
  7. Essential oils - 2 к. Lemon oil, 2 к. Orange oil, 2 tsp of grapefruit oil or 2 kg of geranium oil, 2 kg of rose oil, 2 kg of dill dill oil - dissolve in one glass of milk, add one handful of sea salt and pour the resulting solution into a bath of water.
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