/ How to make paraffin for wrapping?

How to make paraffin for wrapping?

How to make paraffin for wrapping

For paraffin wrapping we will need:

  • 500 grams of paraffin;
  • 250 grams of ozocerite;
  • Medical oilcloth;
  • 2 nappies;
  • a warm blanket.

Ozokerite, paraffin and oilcloth we will buy in a drugstore. We melt paraffin and ozocerite, for this we put them in a saucepan, and in another saucepan of a larger diameter we pour water and put the first pan in it, put it on gas, we get a water bath. We heat until ozokerite and paraffin are melted completely. We obtain a homogeneous mass.

We will pour the liquid mass from the pan onto a baking sheet,Lubricated with sunflower oil. And we wait when the paraffin will harden. It is important that he does not subcool. Its temperature should be somewhere around 40 degrees, so that a therapeutic effect can be obtained. It quickly freezes and as soon as it hardens, it must be extracted from the baking tray.

For wrapping we will prepare 2 pieces of oilcloth,A blanket and 2 diapers. We cut the already hardened paraffin into 2 parts, we lay each part on an oilcloth, we will wrap both hands from the wrist to the fingers. From above wrapped in diapers and wrap them in a blanket. We get 4 layers - it's paraffin and oilcloth, diaper and blanket. We do everything quickly so that the paraffin does not cool down.

We hold the paraffin for 20 minutes, then we remove it. If the wrap is done correctly, the skin on your hands will turn pink and sweat will appear. Wipe your hands. After the paraffin we keep the hands warm, then we will spread them with cream. Paraffin wrap is done for 10 days.

This procedure is pleasant, at first you feel a lightTingling, it relaxes well. To do the wrap, you need an assistant, it's uncomfortable to do it yourself. This procedure is used for medical and cosmetic purposes. It rejuvenates, helps with pain in the joints, it has a beneficial effect on the skin, improves nutrition and blood circulation in tissues. The effect will not make you wait long.

How to make a paraffin wrap?

If the paraffin wrap is combined with a massage, it will help get rid of cellulite and stretch marks. In paraffin we add apricot or peach vegetable oil, spermacet, cocoa.

How to prepare a wrap?

In a clean and dry heat-resistant capacity, we setParaffin and we will dissolve it on a water bath. Add olive or peach oil, spermaceti and cocoa butter. When the components are melted, carefully mix them with a dry stick. The proportions are: for 50 grams of paraffin, you need 5 grams of cocoa butter, peach or olive oil, sperm.

Ready mixture slightly cool and brush applyOn a dry and clean skin. We will wind up all food film and we will lay down in a bed, having covered with a warm blanket or a blanket. After an hour, remove the paraffin wrap, wipe the body with a dry soft napkin and massage. And as a base, we take any vegetable or olive oil. On a tablespoon of base oil, take 3 drops of essential orange oil. Before use, shake well the massage oil.

In conclusion, we add that it is possible and at home to make paraffin wrap, this procedure rejuvenates and nourishes the skin well.

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