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Turkish baths hammam

History of creation

The technology of the eastern baths was describedEnglish travelers in the 19th century, but the creation was attributed to one man from the Eastern peoples, the Turks. That is why, the eastern bath hammam is considered to be Turkish, although it was common in the entire Muslim East. The word "hammam" should be understood as "spreading steam".

Turkish baths were very common inEast. Everyone can visit the hammam, without any restrictions, and the familiar world with its hierarchy remains outside the walls. Women, visiting the hammam, apart from men, did not just cleanse their bodies and wash themselves. In the baths there was always a very beautiful and cozy atmosphere, soft light, pleasant warmth, you could enjoy all the procedures that preserved beauty and health, you could show your best outfits or drink coffee with your friends, share some secrets, discussing men. By the way, a Muslim woman had the right to demand a divorce, if her husband did not let her go to the bath with her friends.

In the modern world, the popularity of the Turkish bath hammam has increased very much. In our country, magnificent baths of hammam are also appreciated, as well as their useful and medicinal properties.

Treatments in a Turkish bath

Visiting a Turkish bath involves several basic procedures.

The first procedure is to warm up the body. Hasty and fuss here is completely out of place, as steam baths require thoroughness. Try to forget about all your affairs, problems, ailments for a while, instead relax and enjoy a fragrant steam. Wet and warm steam reveals the pores of the skin, it improves the work of the heart and blood vessels, helps the body to efficiently and quickly get rid of toxins, reduces muscle tone.

The second important procedure is massage. During the massage, manual peeling is applied. This is such a special kind of massage that must be carried out in special gloves made from goat hair, with the obligatory use of handmade soap. Most often this black soap, which has cleansing and nutritional properties, it is made from olives and any other natural ingredients, while adding olive and argan oil, eucalyptus.

Argan oil differs delicate and low-fatTexture, contains many useful and necessary substances that prevent the rapid aging of the skin, does not cause allergic reactions. Massaging the body hard and long with special gloves with a rough texture, especially should be massaged elbows, feet and palms. The face should also be massaged, but it should be done gently and gently, removing the skin from the dead cells, and giving it a healthy appearance and freshness. After the massage procedure, the body is rinsed and using oils, make gentle massages.

Thermal regime of the bath hammam

In the Turkish bath the Hammam has the most sparingThermal regime - from 30 to 55 ° C. The huge plus of it is that it can be made "half", so the Turkish bath is not dangerous for people who suffer from certain diseases, and having contraindications to the ordinary steam room: cores, hypertensives and Etc. The Turkish bath in our country is becoming more and more popular.

This thermal regime is suitable for those who do not tolerate or do not like high temperatures. The main advantages of the hammam are in a warm couple, which saturates the whole body with moisture.

Many cosmeticians recommend a Turkish bath as a very effective way to cleanse the skin.

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