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Macadamia nut oil

Composition of macadamia

It contains proteins, carbohydrates and fats that are very necessary for a person. And it includes essential oil, various minerals and proteins, vitamins, sugar and fiber.

In the macadamia nut, there are a lot of vitamins B, E, PP. Also there are monounsaturated palmitic acid, copper, selenium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, niacin and folate.

Useful properties of macadamia nut

Macadamia nuts are high in calories, rich inVitamins, fats and essential oils. They are recommended to eat with arthritis, colds, the risk of cancer. In the fats of this nut contains monounsaturated palmitic acid. It almost does not occur in plants, it can be found only in human skin. In its properties, macadamia fat is similar to mink fat.

Macadamia nut has excellentAntioxidant properties, because it contains a substance that resembles a plant wax. As a rule, this substance can be found in the plant world only in the form of a waxy raid. This plaque is almost impossible to collect. It is thanks to the presence of this substance that the nut is valued by cosmetologists. It is actively used in the formulation of cosmetics designed to care for dry, flaky skin. After the application of creams with macadamia, the skin becomes soft and moisturized. And also useful properties of a nut use manufacturers of paints for hair.

The Secret of Nut Oil

Macadamia is considered a royal nut. It is the best source of healing oil in the world. Its properties can be compared only with spermaceti, which is extracted from marine animals.

If you consider the nut oil closer, you will see,That it is viscous, yellowish in color, it smells of walnut. The oil is suitable for the treatment of dandruff, keratoses, couperoses, allergies, helps fight cellulite, moisturizes rough dehydrated skin, helps with healing of burns.

Effect of oil

Action on the skin. As already mentioned, the nut oil is consideredUnique cosmetic means. It is similar in properties to mink fat, quickly absorbed, has an emollient and moisturizing effect. In oil, a high content of palmitoleic and monounsaturated acids. They promote the regeneration of the skin, and therefore perfectly fit the fading skin.

Macadamia oil is considered the best vegetableOil, which has an increased ability to penetrate the skin and transport nutrients. Macadamia oil is the best in the ability to incredibly quickly restore the epidermis. Penetrating into the skin, it remains in the epidermis and creates there a reliable protection against the effects of the environment. This is especially necessary in winter, when the skin quickly dries up.

Oil acts as a good antioxidant, itPrevents the destruction of cell membranes. Due to the fact that the nut oil is very quickly absorbed, it was nicknamed "rapidly disappearing oil". With this oil, you can restore, tone, soften and moisten the aging skin. By the way, nut oil can be used if you have dry, dehydrated skin. It also helps with burns.

Effects on the hair. So, macadamia oil is recommended for caring forHair. It spreads well through the hair, strengthening them and giving them shine along the entire length. After its application, the differences (in structure) between the roots of the hair and their tips are aligned. Oil is widely used for damaged hair. It perfectly restores the hair after staining.

Effects on the body. It is well known that macadamia is a depositNutrients. The oil removes cholesterol from the body. It is a natural source of calcium, as well as copper, zinc and minerals. In oil, very few carbohydrates, but very many fatty acids, which are so necessary for the human body.

Macadamia oil can stimulateMicrocirculation of blood. That is why it is used in the treatment of cellulite and varicose veins. Nut butter is an excellent filler for taking a therapeutic bath, it has nutritional properties, it is good for migraines, diseases of the osseous system, beriberi.

How to apply?

Macadamia oil is the perfect base for other essential oils. After all, it is like no other oil that can penetrate quickly and deeply into the epidermis.

Skin care. Macadamia oil is recommended for use with almond oil, oil obtained from grape seed or jojoba oil. Ratio: one to one. In general, macadamia oil is a self-sufficient cosmetic product that is immediately absorbed, without leaving a greasy shine.

If you want to do a massage, you will needA few drops of macadamia oil. Rub them with your hands, and then start rubbing into the skin. It is desirable to carry out such massage in a warm room. It is especially good to visit a sauna, a sauna or a swimming pool before that.

Masks and compresses are made as follows. On damaged skin, cloth or gauze wipes are applied, which are impregnated with macadamia oil.

Caring for your hair, apply oil to the comb. Comb your hair with this comb twice a day.

If you want to make a mask for hair, apply macadamia oil to the scalp, massage lightly, leave the mask overnight, and wash your head well in the morning.

It's nice to take a bath with macadamia oil. This requires a tablespoon of oil. It is desirable to mix it with cream, salt and honey to achieve a more complete effect.


I am glad that no contraindications are found, oilMacadamia is completely safe. It has been used for more than a thousand years. During this time, no cases have been reported where macadamia oil has harmed.

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