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How to do foot massage

Since long time it is known that relaxingMassage of the feet can promote the health of the body as a whole. This is due to the fact that it is on the feet that a large number of reflex points are located, responsible for the work of the main organs of the body and overall health.

Basic rules and recommendations for foot massage.

In the cold season, you can begin to massage with warming foot baths, in hot - with cooling. After the foot baths, wipe dry with a towel.

Then you can start massage exercises.

I an exercise.

First you need to take an empty bottle and rollUnder her foot, alternately pressing to the floor with a left or right foot. The first time, roll the bottle on the whole foot, and then focus on the heel, the middle part of the foot and fingers. It is recommended to walk a little on the heels, then on the socks. After that, hands should be rubbed each foot, going from the ankle to the fingers. Exercise is repeated for three to five minutes, after which rubbing is replaced by a light tingle of the feet. It is necessary to walk separately on each pads of fingers, squeezing and pinching down each finger from above.

II an exercise.

The most "folk" recipe for flat feetIs a walk barefoot on pebbles and pebbles. But what if the summer is long gone, leaving behind only memories? In addition, the pebble is not only an excellent remedy for the development of flat feet, it also massages the feet remarkably. At the same time, there is absolutely no need to exert any effort.

Independently, at home, this isExercise is carried out with a small wooden box, on the bottom of which are poured small stones. To perform a massage, you just need to step over the bottom of this box from one leg to the other. This massage should be done for ten to fifteen minutes, until you feel that from the "walking" on the stones pain sensations are dulled.

III an exercise.

To perform the next exercise you needWill get a massage ball with a special prickly surface. The size of this ball should be allowed to sit in the sitting position between both feet. The ball must be rolled between two feet for three to five minutes. Then finger fingers should be pressed on the foot, in the direction from the heel to the fingers. For the process of performing the massage, it is recommended to use a little preheated vegetable oil or nourishing cream. Grabbing your hands on both sides of the foot, you should perform circular movements with your fingers, without lifting them from your feet.

Final exercise.

Complete the procedure for foot massage is recommendedMassage of each toe. Start should be with a slight tingle of each individual finger, smoothly turning to "crushing" movements. Alternately, on the right and left, on the top and bottom, squeeze each toe of the foot.

Then the entire surface of your palm followsSeveral times in a row, with sharp movements of the hand along the fingers to the right and to the left. The movement must be repeated from the lower and upper sides of the fingers. Sliding movements from all sides on the toes should be the final movements of the massage.

The recipe for cooking oil for foot massage.

Finally I would like to propose a recipeMassage oil from folk medicine, used for relaxing foot massage. To make such a massage oil, you will need two tablespoons of a little preheated olive oil. In the already heated oil, you should add two drops of essential oil of lemon, three drops of essential oil of grapefruit and two drops of essential oil of lavender. The resulting oil mixture must be fully used during one procedure of relaxing foot massage.

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