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Exercises to form a correct posture

Usually people whose work is associated with a permanentSitting in the workplace, trying to adopt a more comfortable posture, as a constant sitting in one posture is boring. But a comfortable pose is not always useful. Usually a person bends his back, throws his foot on his leg and in this case there is a curvature of the human spine.

Going to the gym can help you fix it.A twisted spine, but unfortunately, we do not always have the opportunity to get there. In this case, you can perform some exercises to form a beautiful posture. Of course, coaches in the gym can do it more professionally, without causing you harm. The coach pays attention to all muscles without exception, regardless of your chosen sport. Regular training trips help to strengthen that group of muscles that can support the back.

Even how you sit can help orDamage the posture. How to sit properly? Put your feet flat on the floor, straighten your back, tighten your stomach. Spread the center of gravity between the feet and the spine. Of course, in the ideal case, the center of gravity (the load of the total body weight) should be distributed evenly. In order for you to always have a correct posture, you must remember this constantly. Do not sit in one place and water posture for a long time, constantly change position (every 30-40 minutes). Stretch, change the pose, if possible, walk around, in order to ease the strain on the spine.

Provided that you walk correctly, your postureIs formed naturally. And it is also necessary to walk properly. Here are some recommendations. Do not lower your head down - proudly raised head will give you a more confident look and will form a posture. The shoulders should be in a lowered and even condition, slightly reclined. Try to pull in the belly - this will help strengthen the press and the muscles of the loin, which keep the lower back parts in the right position.

Useful for posture and some exercises withWeights. Why do you take dumbbells that are not too heavy for you. Take in hands on a dumbbell and carry out such exercises: lift shoulders upwards-downwards, execute rotation by humeral joints (hands thus are lowered). These exercises are aimed at strengthening the upper back, which is of great importance for maintaining proper posture.

Strengthening of the middle part of the back can be doneIn the following way. Take the dumbbells in your hands and lean forward. Then raise your arms and pull them to the area between the chest and stomach. First, raise both hands simultaneously, and then - just one at a time. The main thing: raising your hands - do not bend them and do not raise them above the shoulder level.

The lower part of the dorsal region is also very vulnerableAnd requires strengthening. Here are some exercises. Take the weight bar that fits your physical development. While holding the bar on the straightened shoulders, lean forward, without bending your back. Straightening, round off a little back - this will help you avoid injury to the spine.

There are also exercises for posture, performingWhich are not required to use gravity. Pull out your hands in front of you, combining your fingertips. Then put your hands up and go back to the starting position. For such exercises, you can use a gymnastic stick. Hold it with both hands over your head. With its help, you can make slopes without bending your back. In the absence of a stick, take a towel by pulling it between your hands.

A very important point: You need to maintain your posture not only when you are not sleeping, but also during sleep. In this you will help a well matched mattress. Rest on a hard mattress provides your spine with the right position. Soft will only harm him. Correct night rest is the guarantee of a healthy spine and good posture. This requires an orthopedic pillow. Everyone knows that the spine is not a smooth stick, stretched along the back. The spine has a natural curved shape and this shape needs to be retained. After a violation of the bends of the spine can lead to pinching the vertebrae and endings.

Previously, in the kindergarten and school was extremelyA physical exercise is carried out to maintain the correct posture. It consisted in the fact that the child lay on the head a pile of books or another object (it does not matter in principle), and forced to walk around the room, without dropping. In the gym in the final stage of the exercises - it is recommended to arch your back.

It is necessary to stand on all fours and bendBack, as long as your physical development allows. Duck and bend in this position, do this exercise three or four times. Become, huddled against the wall and check whether you can put your hand between you and the wall? There are several points of contact along which you can check the correctness of your posture. If you touch the wall with the shoulders, the back of the neck, the upper part of the buttocks, the heels, the calves - then it's all right with your posture.

Carrying out disease prevention is always easier thanTo conduct long treatment. There are also a set of exercises for the prevention of spinal disorders and posture. And the prevention of diseases of the spine should be carried out from an early age.

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