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What can lead to eating a lot of chocolate?

At first, Chocolate is a very high-calorie product thatContains about 500-600 calories per 100gram. One chocolate bar contains about 50% carbohydrates (sugar, starch, etc.), and about 30% of vegetable fats. Eating chocolate in large quantities ruins our dream of a beautiful figure. Although the sources of calories in chocolate are milk and glucose, which are easily digested and quickly broken down by the body, but in large quantities they are also easily deposited as fat. The most caloric is white chocolate, which does not contain cocoa powder.
Secondly, A large number of chocolateSuch substances as caffeine and theobromine, which have a stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system. Caffeine helps to increase the pulse, increase blood pressure. Therefore, do not abuse chocolate in the evening, as several bars of chocolate for the content of caffeine equal to one cup of coffee. This is especially true of "bitter" chocolate. People who suffer from insomnia generally refuse to eat dark chocolate, in the afternoon. Before noon you can eat, but in small quantities. Also, do not give chocolate to children in the evening.

Daily eating more than 400 grams of chocolate,Because of the content of theobromine in it, can cause drug dependence. Also in chocolate there are substances that are close to marijuana in their action, however, to achieve the effect of this from the action of marijuana, one must eat 55 chocolate bars daily.
Thirdly, Eating a lot of chocolate,As well as eating other sweets, is harmful to the teeth. Sugar contained in chocolate causes caries. Although chocolate sweets are less harmful than caramel, and in the composition of cocoa beans according to some scientists are antibacterial substances that can inhibit caries, but in the production of chocolate remove the shell of cocoa beans, which is the most rich in antibacterial substances.
FourthEating a lot of chocolate canLead to the appearance of acne. True, in most cases, the appearance of acne occurs due to intolerance of the body components that make up the chocolate. Allergic reactions can cause cocoa, especially in young children. Therefore, it is not recommended to give chocolate to children under two years of age.
The composition of chocolate includes the substance of tannin. Tannin is a substance that narrows the blood vessels, which can cause a headache. This is one more reason why you should not abuse chocolate. Another tannin regulates the work of the intestines, removes toxins from the body. Therefore, eating large chocolate can lead to stomach upset.
Chocolate, especially milk contains a large amount of calcium. For this reason, it is necessary to exclude from the diet chocolate to people who have stones in the urinary tract.
In general, chocolate, especially bitterDark chocolate, in small quantities is a very useful product. The composition of cocoa beans includes polyphenols, which protect the cardiovascular system from the effects of fats and cholesterol. Also polyphenols counteract the development of cancer diseases, contribute to protection from stroke of the brain, heart attack. Chocolate contains such minerals as magnesium and potassium, necessary for the functioning of the muscular and nervous system. Bitter chocolate also contains a small amount of iron. Therefore, it is recommended in small quantities to use for people engaged in sports, chocolate gives them energy, without hampering digestion. Once again, I can talk about the usefulness of chocolate only when it is used in small quantities!
When buying chocolate, pay attention to theA label on which three main components should be indicated - cocoa mass, cocoa powder, cocoa butter. Of course, in addition to these three ingredients, sugar is included in the chocolate, lecithin, emulsifier, flavors, etc., but if other fats and oils are listed in addition to the main ingredients, chocolate is not real, which will not be of any use. You should also pay attention to the date of making chocolate, use only fresh chocolate. White scurf on the chocolate bar is not always an indication that the chocolate has deteriorated. Most plaque appears due to the fact that as the temperature increases, cocoa butter rises to the surface. It is preferable to store chocolate at room temperature, avoiding very high or low temperatures, do not store chocolate in the refrigerator or in the heat.

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