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Ayurvedic massage: techniques, techniques

Every day the number of admirers growsAyurvedic massage, because it helps relieve tension, prevent the development of many diseases. In it you can see two techniques: the technique of deep working muscles and soft tissues, and the Indian system of natural healing. Ayurvedic teaching is based on the unity and interconnection of body and mind. As a rule, after this massage, the body regains its physical and mental balance. The "vital breath" of the organism, that is, the energy flow, selects the right direction. If the body is disturbed by the course of the energy flow, a person may develop malaise, which eventually leads to chronic diseases.

Ayurvedic miracle - massage: technique.

This massage can be performed as oneMasseur, and in four hands, that is, two masseurs. During the session, stimulation of biologically active points occurs by pressing, stroking and deep probing of muscles and soft tissues. These points are located almost on the entire surface of the body. It is this massage technique that will help activate the blood and lymphatic flow, develop ligaments and relieve muscle tension. As a result, the general condition of the body improves, and headaches disappear.

Ayurvedic massage should be usedessential oils. This is his indispensable condition. There are many kinds of essential oils that contain plant extracts, so they are selected individually, depending on the effect to be achieved with the help of massage. Penetrating into the skin, essential oils exert a detoxifying effect on the body, remove toxins from the body. This is due to the fact that the oils are remarkable sorbents. During the massage, it is recommended to include melodic mantra music, as well as use aromatherapy. All this allows you to relax and soothingly acts on the human nervous system.

Wellness effects on the body.

This massage, whose technique is the bestEliminates stress, normalizes sleep and brings back the joy of life. During the procedure, endorphins, the so-called hormones of happiness, are produced. In addition, massage has a stimulating effect on the body. After the session, a person feels not only peaceful, but also full of strength and energy, we can say, anew born.

Do not forget that positive influence,Which massage has on the joints. During the massage the specialist uses yoga therapy. And it, as is known, positively affects the work of joints. Also, this massage removes muscle clamps and relieves pain in the spine, and as a whole normalizes the work of the musculoskeletal system. This happens because during the session muscles, joints and ligaments are being treated.

We can also note a positive impactAyurvedic massage for immunity. This is achieved due to the fact that during the session there is a stimulation of biologically active points. Just a few procedures of this miracle - a massage, and a positive effect will be felt about half a year.

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