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How correctly to take a bath with salt?

Of course, lying in a bath, flavoredMeans with herbs, citrus, extracts of needles, you get unspeakable pleasure. And, taking a bath with salt, given their healing properties, you can really improve your mood, relax, improve your vitality and improve your overall health.

As a basis for therapeutic salts are takenExtracts of medicinal herbs and microelements, which are included in their composition. When interacting with salt minerals, these elements increase the effectiveness and healing properties of each other.

Healing effects on the body come from several sides:

  1. A session of aromatherapy is held. The person inhales pleasant aromas and relaxes.
  2. Due to the vast area of ​​absorption, useful substances easily penetrate through the skin in the body.
  3. Bath with the use of sea salts contributes to the overall warming of the body.
  4. Salt for a bath has excellent cosmetic properties and the ability to tone the skin.

Mineral salts added to the bath help to improve the condition with arthrosis, osteochondrosis. They eliminate violations of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract. And this is only some of the medicinal possibilities of salts.

To the effect of baths with mineral salts was higher, you need to know small tricks how to take a bath correctly.

The water temperature in the bath must be at least 37degrees Celsius. But too hot it should not be, otherwise the whole curative effect will be minimized by excessive body overheating. Taking a bath, we should not forget about time. At first the procedure should not exceed five minutes, and then the time can be increased to half an hour. Aroma for a bath you need to choose the one that would be pleasant to you, otherwise the effect of the bath and aromatherapy will be minimal, and you will be in vain annoyed because of the unpleasant smell. If you want to extinguish stress, then mint smells and citrus flavors are what you need. If you are concerned about problems with joints and bones, then fill the bath with the flavors of conifers and sea salts.

It is necessary to pay attention to the degree of concentration of mineral salts. With a single bath intake of saltShould be about 250 grams. Do not exceed the amount of money in 300 grams per bath. After taking a bath you need to rinse under the shower in order to avoid the harmful effect of the remaining salts on the skin. Having taken a bath and bathed in the shower, you need to rest for 30 minutes and recover.

Experiment, please your body, takingBath correctly with mineral salts of different duration and with various favorite aromas. And the reward for you will be a great mood and good health.

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