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Diet for the skin of the face

After the onset of heat, the activity of the sebaceous glandsGreatly increases, and as a consequence - the appearance of a greasy shine on the face. In this case, there is a good diet based on fresh leafy vegetables, cabbage and greens. Such vegetables are able to restrain the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. It will also be useful to eat large quantities of apples, pears and plums.

To make your skin clean and radiate fresh,it is necessary to eat more foods containing B vitamins, which are designed not to allow toxins into the body. Be sure to include in your diet more eggs, lean meat, legumes, carrots, tomatoes, dried apricots, dried fruits.

If your skin is excessively oily, it is not worth itAbuse fatty and fried foods, it is better to cook more and cook for a couple. With dry skin, it is recommended to eat enough foods in which there are poly unsaturated essential fatty acids (linoleic, oleic, etc.). Such acids are abundant in vegetable oil, for example, in sesame, sunflower, olive, linseed, corn and soy. With the addition of such oils, many salads can be prepared from fresh herbs and vegetables. Prefer not better than refined oil. If the skin is dry, then do not abuse the use of spices, hot sauces, spicy marinades, which cause irritation on the face. But fish can be eaten more, preferring dried, boiled, slightly salted and steamed.

Persons with sensitive skin will benefitto support its immunity with the help of products containing vitamin C. Feel free to include in your diet more Bulgarian pepper, citrus and dog rose. But you do not need to provoke irritation using garlic, onions and smoked products. But the love of low-fat milk, seafood and bran bread will be very useful for people with sensitive skin.

If you want to find a healthy fresh blush,Then you need a special diet for the face. Pay attention to products containing iron. Most of it in buckwheat, liver, oysters, apples, pomegranates and currants. Especially to lean on these products need women during critical days. To ensure a good blood supply, daily you need to consume 50-100 g of dry red wine, rowan or pomegranate juice. But it's better to quit smoking, because nicotine can in a short time make the skin pale gray, because of spasms of blood vessels.

To avoid the appearance of couperose skin, whenthe circulatory vasculature is greatly expanded, it is necessary not to allow a sharp decrease or increase in pressure. To do this, you need a special diet for the skin - do not get carried away (or rather refuse at all) from coffee, spices and spices, strong hot tea. Also, do not forget the main rule - take food more often, but in moderation. Overeating is the worst enemy of health.

With pale sensitive skin, one must be extremelycareful with taking sun baths, as you are a great risk of burns. And burns can reach even internal organs! This is because, due to pallor in the skin, there is no protective pigment - melanin, which can protect against the deep impact of ultraviolet radiation. So, eat foods with vitamins A and B - most of them in cereals, eggs, nuts, dairy products, tomatoes, pumpkin, broccoli, carrots, liver. This diet improves the synthesis of melanin and your tan will be softer.

Protect your face from early aging will helpAntioxidants in the form, for example, of vitamins E and C. Antioxidants are designed to neutralize the effect of free radicals that disrupt the body's biochemical reactions that destroy collagen. The result is the premature appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, be sure to include in your diet vegetable oil, cereals, beans, peas, more peppers, cabbage, citrus, currants. And the products need to be eaten fresh, not subject to heat treatment.

If you have a problem with swelling of the face, oftenThere are bags under the eyes, then you need to pay attention to the work of your cardiovascular system and kidneys. And as a consequence - to reduce in their diet intake of salt, alcohol, carbonated drinks. They mainly lead to the appearance of edema. It is especially harmful for the face skin to drink at night. However, it is harmful to everyone, regardless of skin type, sex and age.

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