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The main causes of excess weight

Overweight, but in other words, obesity is veryBoldly can be leveled to a chronic disease that requires, like any illness, urgent treatment. But, without revealing the main causes of excess weight, we can not talk at all about its effective treatment.

So, the main reasons for being overweight. Many women think that having excess weight is nothing but a cosmetic drawback. But this is not the case. If you have all the signs of overweight and a predisposition to obesity, you need to urgently pay attention to your health. It is the full people most often identified such diseases as diabetes, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure (hypertension). This can be safely attributed to metabolic disorders, improper digestive system and much more. In a word, the first and most common cause of completeness is an internal disease, which can be detected with the help of a special diagnosis.

Also, many reasons for completeness indicateHeredity. If in the family, in its several generations, people suffered from excess weight, then the opportunity to purchase extra pounds significantly increases. It is connected, first of all, with the metabolism, which is passed from parents to children and so on. Also here you can include the culinary preferences of a single family. For example, if a child from the very childhood will be spiced with exquisite food in large quantities, then already in adulthood this will entail obesity. By the way, it's a habit to always have a refrigerator that's hammered to the brim and eat well with such a person throughout his life. Here's to you and extra pounds.

But the conviction of many women, what exactlyPregnancy helps them gain weight, nothing more than an ordinary myth. After all, the matter is not in pregnancy, but in increased nutrition during its course. Therefore, there is "just for two" is not necessary, it is just necessary to balance your daily diet as best as possible.

Fat, which we eat - the mostThe main source of energy in our body and beyond that, the most caloric product for our body. Who among us does not like porridge with butter or fatty cold. But the basic laws of completeness come from this product. It is fats, getting into the human body, even in a small volume, have a very large energy capacity. The body receives a lot more calories than it needs for normal work, so excess fat and outgrowth into visible fat deposits. Those people who eat carbohydrates eat, as a rule, much less fat. Instead, the body gets such useful substances as microelements, fiber and a large number of vitamins. It is the eating of vegetables, fruits, low-fat meat, poultry and cereals that is the main way that prevents the causes of fat deposits.

In short, it is the use of fatty foods andLeads to the formation of excess weight in humans. For this reason, the restriction of ingestion of fat is one of the important reasons for combating excess kilograms. Of course, it is not worth it to completely exclude this product from your diet. On the advice of many nutritionists, the normal ratio for the human body is the consumption of carbohydrates in an amount of approximately 60% of calories and, accordingly, based on this figure, 30% of fats.

By the way, there is an opinion among the people thatPhysical loads in intensive performance help fast weight loss. But, strangely enough, it's not so at all. Doing sports can prevent weight gain, but if you already have significant kilograms, in this case it is not recommended to engage in increased physical activity. This is due to the fact that people with obesity often have various cardiovascular diseases and joint problems. Here you have obvious evidence that sport in huge numbers is simply not appropriate.

But as for various food additives, thenHere also have their "pitfalls". For example, using drugs to combat unwanted excess weight, you still remove the extra pounds and inches from the waist. But to give you a one hundred percent guarantee that you will not find them again in your bright future, and even more, no one will give you. And even this weight loss is fraught with various health problems.

So before you treat obesity, identifyThe main reasons for its appearance and only then proceed to prompt actions aimed at combating obesity. First of all, review your lifestyle, change your daily diet and diet and, most importantly, go for a special examination of the whole body. Treatment of excess body weight is a very complex and lengthy process that requires an individual approach, taking into account the peculiarities of your body. The main points that must be taken into account when fighting obesity are the general condition of the body, the presence of concomitant diseases, the level and degree of obesity, the intensity of weight gain, and much more. Therefore, before dealing with this disease on your own, consult a specialist who will certainly help you to overcome your extra pounds without any harm to your health. The best way to lose weight will be the process of getting rid of obesity under the strict supervision of a specialist. After all, risking your health is not at all a noble business, you should remember this.

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