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Car Color Feng Shui

Automobile transport does not lose itsPopularity and today, moreover, the number of car owners is growing every day. The modern person practically lives in the car, spending in it a lot of free time. If you are interested in how to choose the right car for yourself and what you need to do to make it the best friend for you, then listen to the advice of specialists in feng shui.

The color of the car is Feng Shui.

The color of the car is of great importance, andTherefore, it is necessary to select it in accordance with the energy map, which shows which element will favorably influence your life. Also, when choosing the color scheme of your car, pay attention to the compatibility of colors. For example, the white color of the car itself indicates that the interior of the car should not be red. This is because the white color belongs to metals, and the red color is the color of fire. If two of these colors occur, it turns out that the fire devours the metal. By feng shui car color is selected in accordance with a personal horoscope. It is also necessary to rely on the theory of the five elements. If you act this way, you will get a car that is favorable for you.

For example, you want to buy a car and,Checking with a horoscope and theory, determined that the best elements for you are metal and water. Feel free to buy a car in blue, silver, white or black. If you do not listen to advice, then the car is unlikely to be a favorable place for you, and this can lead to unhappiness.

By the way, by this principle you can choose not only a car, but an apartment, house or office.

However, there are general rules for choosing a car forFeng Shui for people of all zodiac signs. So, never buy a car that is too bright, flashy colors, because such a car attracts the attention of many people, which increases the risk of meeting jealousy and anger. But do not be discouraged - you can easily get a car of bright color, if you always follow all the rules of the road, do not exceed the speed and behave very respectably. In such cases, the number of ill-wishers will decrease.

Why is it dangerous to purchase a used car?

Always remember: The car is not only a vehicle, but also a carrier of a certain energy. The car always absorbs the energy of its owners and retains it for a long time. Therefore, beware of buying cars that have been in accidents, as well as people with serious illnesses or just unhappy people.

If you want to buy a used car,Then take a closer look not only to the car, but also to its owner. Learn as much as possible information about his past: was he connected with the world of crime, is not sick of any serious illness, whether the car was involved in accidents, including involving people. If the owner has a difficult past, then refrain from buying.

If you have already purchased a car with a run, then do not start riding it until you clear it of past energy.

By the way, pay attention to spare partsCar - perhaps they were removed from another car, which has negative energy and a bad past. Such a car can also lead to misfortune and trouble.

Talismans for cars: we protect the car from breakages and accidents.

Damage to the car, and so to you, wrongPicked amulets. Talisman with negative symbolism is able to negatively affect even the new car, which just got off the assembly line. So, it is forbidden to use amulets for decorating the car in the form of various skeletons and all kinds of skulls, as well as exotic toys and dolls.

Do not continue to use the car if any glass is damaged in it. Cracked or broken glass should be replaced.

Protect the car from theft and various accidentsWill help the crystal of quartz, but only if it is hidden from the curious eyes. Remove the amulet in the glove box or any other inaccessible place.

The garlic or the talisman of red color has a positive effect on the car's energy.

It is highly not recommended to transport in personalCar dead animals. If on the trip you overtook any natural element, then stop and wait for it - it will help not only to prevent misfortune, but also to save your life from chaos and destruction.

Feng Shui experts recommend placing inThe car is such a mascot like a turtle. The tortoise has a rich symbolism: it means moving forward, slow, but true. In addition to the turtle, you can place in the salon and other talismans, who came to us from Chinese culture.

Date of issue and date of purchase of the car.

The choice of color and talisman is not all. It is necessary to carefully choose the date of purchase of the car and pay attention to the date of its release. The greatest number of accidents occurs with the participation of those cars that were released at an unfavorable time. In addition, such cars attract traffic police officers.

The car bought on a favorable day for you, has a positive energy, which coincides with the energy of the owner, which ensures harmony when driving.

It is very important to choose the right day for your first tripOn the purchased car. In addition, you need to choose a favorable direction for you, which will not only provide you with good health, but also a good mood, and will also serve as a good basis for the future.

Plan a long journey with the mind,Choosing an auspicious day for its beginning. This approach will provide you with not only a pleasant mood and positive emotions, but also prevent breakdowns, accidents and meetings with traffic police.

If you have your own home, then neitherDo not park ahead with headlights next to it. A car standing in this way symbolizes the impending danger, which has a bad effect on the energy of the home.

And, finally, the most important advice - be forHis car a good friend. Feng Shui specialists confirm that the car is also a "living" being, which means that it is able to feel and understand you. If you treat her well, then she will not let you down. So do not forget to tell your car nice words and stroking it, for example, over the hood. Do not doubt, your car will reciprocate you.

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