/ What spa procedures to choose in a beauty salon?

What spa procedures to choose in a beauty salon?

In our time, the spa is an international concept,As people began to realize the healing effect of water on the body, providing the cheerfulness of our body. Strengthening and the body, herbs, algae and various balms tone and affect the skin, gaining beauty and health. In turn, aromatic oils support our muscles in tonus. Almost all the correction complexes are accompanied by a large number of SPA procedures that are effectively used in the fight against age spots, also counteract the appearance of cellulite and skin diseases. Modern SPA salons provide various programs and procedures that have a positive effect on health.

Huge popularity Spa treatmentsRelated to the elimination of the emergence of unnecessaryWeight and body volume. Thanks to the complex of programs that affect the whole body, you gain self-confidence, easy gait, improve your mood for the whole day. The most popular for today are such procedures as a sauna, showers, baths, massages, wraps, anti-cellulite programs.

Great demand and popularity SPA capsule, In which different combinations are usedPhysiotherapeutic factors, namely dry sauna, shower, heated vibro-leg, aromatherapy and hydromassage with oils, salts, therapeutic mud, algae, wraps. Of course, in the beauty salon, eyes can run away from so many procedures.

Individual programs are also formed for each program, such as relaxation programs and programs - Anti-stress, peeling, body volume correction. SPA capsule is a health andA rejuvenating procedure that helps improve the skin condition, helps warm up muscle tissue, favorably influences the circulation of blood and lymph, and relax and improve mood, relieve tension from the feet.

The next most popular is SPA sauna, With aromatic oils, with honey, with salts,Positively affecting health. The benefit of the sauna is that it has a beneficial effect on the thermoregulation of the body, throwing out all the accumulated slag and toxins. It also presupposes the influence of the sauna on the nervous system, which increases the speed of reaction, improves coordination and balancing, improves the added aromatic oils and herbs. In the sauna, you can use mint infusion, eucalyptus, which will moisturize the air, positively affecting the body. In turn, high temperature activates the heart activity of a person, tempering it. Negative impact can be on people with high blood pressure, staying more than 10 minutes. During relaxation, the sauna improves blood circulation, lowers muscle tone, relieves tension. This procedure is useful for those involved in sports, namely fitness, aerobics, and swimming. Thanks to the visit of the SPA of the sauna, the blood circulation in the skin rises, the vessels expand, the skin becomes elastic and elastic and tender. Positive influence affects the decrease in body weight, and also removes fatigue for the whole day.

An integral part of all procedures is Wrapping, Which can also be selected in the salon. SPA wraps provide detoxification of the body, fight against excessive weight, namely cellulite, remove fat deposits. This procedure makes it possible to suppress pain in the joints, reduces pain in muscles, relaxes parts of the body. The use of therapeutic mud nourishes your skin with vitamins and various minerals, relieves fatigue, reduces chronic pain, relieves the skin of toxins and toxins. As for wrapping with seaweed, the positive is that it reduces inflammation of the skin, reduces the number of pimples on the body, getting rid of toxins and toxins. Also there are cold wraps that are recommended not only for sensitive, but also irritable skin, favorably affecting the skin of the body after sunbathing. Wraps with brown clay are recommended for diseases such as seborrhea, various head, hair and skin diseases. The procedure of wrapping with honey and chocolate positively influences, nourishing the beneficial substances of the skin, making it velvety and soft, helping to fight excess body weight.

Favorable influence on the whole organism renders massage, Increasing vitality, reducing nervousOverexcitability, improving mood and well-being. With the help of massage, the condition of the skin of the body improves, the function of the sebaceous and fat glands normalizes, positively affects the condition of the vessels and muscles, reduces excess weight, increases the elasticity and elasticity of the body tissues. In many salons provide anti-cellulite massage: a general massage, involves massaging the entire body for 30 minutes, and a private SPA massage, which depends on the part of the body. In case cellulite is not visible, a general massage is recommended.

In most cases, SPA procedures do not have any negative impact on the body, but only contribute to better health, tone and well-being.

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