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Tattoos and piercings on a woman's body

Piercing - opinion of experts

Experts joke that the types of piercing is the same,How many empty seats on the body. However, there are places on our body that are popular either traditionally, or for the sake of whimsical fashion. So, here it is, hit parade!

The most familiar, approved even by ourGrandmothers piercing - piercing earlobes. We will not dwell on it specially. But on our neat ears there are other places suitable for piercing, these are ears. The time of healing is from one to three months. The danger here lies in the fact that biologically active points are placed on the ears, which are directly related to some organ, and it is not known how it will affect the piercing.

Tip: Before piercing it is recommended to holdFoley's diagnosis is the determination, with the help of special instruments, of the activity, the number and location of the reflexogenic points. Having learned this, you can safely choose the place with the least risk. In the ears after the puncture inserted labrets, microbans, bananas, bars, rings.

The most popular among girls isNavel piercing. How "cool" to walk in the summer with a bare tummy and a small playful earrings in the navel! And yet this is the most dangerous procedure in terms of infections. Usually piercing is subjected to an upper crease over the navel, but it is also possible to pierce the folds at the bottom and side of the navel. Ornaments for the navel are called "barbells" and are six to twelve millimeters in length. The healing can take up to two to three months, but usually if all the recommendations are followed, the navel piercing heals from two to five weeks.

The third most popular is nose piercing. This case is quite painful, and especially strong and unpleasant sensations occur during the runny nose. Nose piercing most often is the insertion of an earring into the wing. Nocturnal earring can be not any decoration - it's a special screw that can look outside like a small pebble or a ball, and inside, along the walls of the nostril, is a hook. But in the case that the nostrils are very narrow, then the puncture of the wing is highly undesirable. Heals a punctured nose from one and a half to three months. Insert a carnation, a ring or a micro-horseshoe into the hole.

Next come the tongue, nipples and piercing of intimate places. Experienced lovers willingly share the secrets of piercing, useful for us:

• Silver jewelry is not suitable for either primary piercing or healed piercing. These include medical steel.

• Ideal jewelry is considered a special titanium.

• No piercing with a gun, only with a special needle.

• Before going to surgery, clarify its details and make an opinion on the specialist, based on the first four points.

Tattoos on a woman's body

In order to make yourself a tattoo, todayIt is not necessary to make a decision for life. Moreover, psychologists do not recommend doing a permanent tattoo, so as not to fall ill with the so-called "blue disease". For reference: "blue sickness" is when a person who has made himself a permanent tattoo, on the one hand, gets used to it, and on the other - wants to change something again on the skin, constantly increasing the area of ​​blue on his body. But these are extremes that are easy to avoid, having decided to apply not a permanent, but a temporary tattoo. The market of services in this matter offers a lot of solutions, the number of which is growing every day.

Different henna

This is a coloring material made from leavesHenna. It has been used for centuries in the Middle East in the art of decorating the female body: hands, feet and hair. Tattoos are applied by paste from henna, which hardens on the skin like a crust on the wound. When the solid substance is removed, the pattern is covered with oil in order to obtain a more saturated reddish brown tattoo.

There is also a black henna, it is in its pure form in naturedoes not exist. The similarity of this substance with henna is that both are dyes, but the composition of black henna includes dangerous oil-containing ingredients and chemicals. Unfortunately, they can cause unwanted reactions to the skin: redness, wounds, rashes and even scars.

Aerographic tattoos

Apply paint from the airbrush. Usually it is a non-toxic non-natural paint, sprayed onto the skin through a stencil. Tattoos made by airbrush, keep from two days to a week. Such drawings look very realistic and, as a rule, seemingly impossible to distinguish them from real tattoos.

Temporary transferable tattoos

The most common and easily accessible typeTattoos. They can be found even in a package with chewing gum. The reverse side of this tattoo is wetted with water and applied evenly to the skin as a transfer image. The only drawback of this type of tattoo is that many of them soon wrinkle and lose their appearance, leaving ugly stains on the skin.

Alternative are tattooed, impregnatedAlcohol solution. Often they are additionally applied with paint from a can. The advantage of this kind is that such pictures do not wrinkle like water-based tattoos.

Printed temporary tattoos

Represents a new phenomenon in the worldTemporary tattoos, a kind of hybrid of aerographic and transfer tattoos. Basically, they are performed with alcohol-based paint, similar to the one used for aerographic tattoos, only more dense. Pictures are applied to the skin with a rubber seal.

Despite the "fashion" of tattoos and piercings onFemale body, you need to think carefully before deciding to "pierce" or "decorate" something. Everyone can have purely individual problems, which you need to discuss with a specialist. Fortunately, now get a consultation - not a problem. There would be a desire.

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