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Should I do liposuction to remove excess fat

This operation allows you to get rid of excess fat in the abdomen, buttocks, hips, forearms and face. It should be noted that the process of losing weightOperation does not affect. Liposuction can bring you closer to the desired result only if the correct, balanced diet and systematic physical exertion are observed. The characteristics of each woman's body affect the loss of excess weight. For one woman to throw off the accumulated a few extra pounds will not be difficult, while the other woman must exert a lot of strength and patience to get rid of a small amount of excess weight. Liposuction is an auxiliary measure, and the rest depends on the woman herself and the characteristics of her body.

Some believe that Liposuction will get rid of cellulite. Note that fat and cellulite are different things. Cellulite arises from the uneven distribution of water and substances absorbed by the cells of the body. Some areas of the skin have fat deposits in the tissues, which leads To the effect of the "orange peel". To avoid deterioration of the condition of cellulite, it is necessary to replace liposuction with mesotherapy sessions. This procedure gradually saves you from the effect of the "orange peel". Fat is getting smaller every time.

Cosmeticians consider the "pluses" of mesotherapy sessions:

  • Dissolution of deposited excess fat;
  • Removal of fat from fat cells;
  • Improvement in certain areas of the body of blood flow;
  • Acceleration of lymphatic drainage process;
  • Removal of hardened fibrous connective tissues;
  • Procedure Non-invasive;
  • This therapy does not require Long-term rehabilitation;
  • Use only on those sites that are affected "Orange peel."

It is also worth recalling that liposuction relieves only of excess fat from subcutaneous fat. This procedure is not able to get rid of unnecessaryThe skin that remained after liposuction. If you set out to become the owner of a flat stomach, then you should agree to a circular suspender. Liposuction will smooth out the problem areas of the skin and give them a clear contour.

A woman who dared to liposuction to remove excess fat, however, should not forget about physical activity and diet. It is believed that if the hated excess fat is removed, Extra pounds to the body no longer threaten. Liposuction allows you to get rid of only a part of fat cells, and as a result, excess will begin to accumulate on unprocessed sites, which will lead to weight gain.

Liposuction can save a number of complexes. Medics say that afterLiposuction in most patients experienced positive psychological changes, for example, the level of self-esteem was increased. However, liposuction is unlikely to help cure more serious psychological disorders. If you have bulimia or anorexia (eating disorders), then it is very good to think before doing liposuction. Liposuction and eating disorders can give Irreversible and catastrophic results. People who are prone to depression are very Often believe that changing the appearancePositively affect the psychological state. In this case, liposuction will bring relief, but only for a while, and will not eliminate the very cause of the problem. If you notice the symptoms of depression or eating disorders, then in this case it is better to seek help from a psychologist or psychotherapist, rather than a plastic surgeon.

The result of the liposuction operation is not immediately noticeable. Do not be surprised if the day afterThe volume of the body will increase significantly. As you know, after any operation for several days, and sometimes even weeks, the body remains edematous. In the postoperative period, water is retained in the body, causing edema. It's worth the patience, and in a couple of days you'll see the long-awaited result. Do not pay attention to replicas in your address of friends and acquaintances.

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