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Laser face polishing

Advantages of laser face polishing.

Laser technology helps quickly and maximallyGently solve the problem of eliminating defects in skin relief. The directional action of the laser beam removes the altered parts of the skin without damaging the healthy tissues. Your skin will get a healthy, radiant look, will become smooth and more youthful.

In my work I use the newest ItalianA laser of the firm "DEKA", allowing to make individual settings for each type of manipulation and giving the possibility of the jewelery accuracy of the procedures. The laser mode is selected depending on the required depth of penetration into the subcutaneous layers, taking into account the least traumatism.

All laser procedures I spend only inThe conditions of a professionally trained sterile operating room, without the use of standard surgical instruments. The non-contact laser exposure and sterility, which is unusual for conventional cosmetic rooms, will protect you 100% from possible infection and inflammation.

Laser facial resurfacing can be performed underLocal anesthesia, outpatient or under general anesthesia (at the request of the patient) with a day hospital. Pain sensations are insignificant and there is no need for pain medication.

Procedures do not require a longRecovery period and changes in the habitual life rhythm. Even Montesquieu said: "A woman has only one opportunity to be beautiful, but to be attractive there are one hundred thousand opportunities." I am ready to help you in realizing these opportunities.

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