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Face care at home around the eyes

If you stay in a dry, dusty orSmoky room is not surprising that by the evening you may notice that your eyelids are blushing. You can calm your eyes by making lotions, if you can not eat it, then just rinse them.

If your activity is related to long-termFor example, work at a computer, and feel fatigue, pain or pain in the eyes, interrupt, relax and rest. For a couple of minutes, close your eyes or go to the window and look at the distant buildings, for a short time, looking at different objects. If the situation allows, make a compress or lotion.

On the upper and lower eyelids, the skin is delicate and tender, inMostly dry and less elastic than on other areas of the face. It undergoes a considerable mimic load and reacts to various diseases, stress, overfatigue, bright light, rain, wind and other factors. In order to prevent her irritation, stretching and as a consequence, the appearance of early wrinkles, you need to properly apply and remove cosmetics. When you apply cosmetics or creams for skin care, do it smoothly, without pressing on the eyeball, over the upper eyelid from the inner to the outer corner of the eye, and on the lower, on the contrary, from the outer to the inner. So you will achieve the least stretching of the skin.

To remove cosmetics from the eyelids, useSpecial remedies or a liquid cream, then remove the mascara from the eyelashes, grabbing them with a tampon and lightly pressing. Glitter and health to your eyelashes will give olive oil applied after cleaning them. They should preferably be fed at least once a week.

Just the skin of the eyelids can dry, if not provideHer necessary care. Small wrinkles, the so-called "crow's feet", are the result of skin aging due to its dryness. Premature wilting of the skin of the eyelids can also be affected by natural conditions, sudden temperature changes, wind, heat, cold. This is especially often reflected in women who work in the open air.

The skin around the eyes should be protected from the sun. When you're sunbathing, always wear dark glasses or cover your eyelids with UV-free material. This is necessary to prevent it from drying out. Do not expose the skin around the eyes to temperature changes, wash with warm water, and in no case hot or very cold.

Do not forget to look after the skin of the eyes, wash your faceIn the mornings decoctions of herbs cooled to room temperature. They can be made from chamomile, sage, mint, lemon balm. After that, apply a day cream on the skin (it should not be very greasy). Remove excess with a cotton swab or paper towel. The cream will protect your face and in particular the eyelids, as well as make the skin more elastic and supple. Apply it by light massaging movements, by analogy with how you remove makeup.

Watch your diet, the skin of the eyes, as well as the whole body, require vitamins. Include in the diet greens, fruits. Food should not be heavy, but nutritious and varied.

A very common problem in modernWomen are dark circles under the eyes. They often occur even in young girls. The reason can be a large number of factors, such as stress, fatigue, lack of sleep. Abuse of smoking or alcoholic drinks also plays in the emergence of "shadows" not the least role.

Sometimes you may notice under the eyes of "bags". It is not always a cosmetic defect caused by the weakness of the circular muscle of the eye, sometimes they are a sign of the disease, for example, such as heart disease or the endocrine system. In this case, consult a doctor.

Take care and take care of your eyes, because, as Etienne Ray said: "The eyes are always softer than the heart."

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