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Healing baths for cheerfulness and joy of the body

Bath Properties
In the care of the body, the baths play a crucial role. Water not only cleanses the body of dirt and sweat, it invigorates and tones, gives a feeling of renewal, freshness, comfort, gives energy. Relieves fatigue, invigorates. Water makes the skin supple, velvety and silky. And together with extracts of herbs, useful additives, aromatic oils, it creates wonders.

The healing properties of the bath are due to the penetration of useful substances into the epidermis, and then further penetrate through the lymph, blood into the human body. Also depends a lot on the water temperature:
Warm or neutral bath From 34 to 37 degrees acts on a person relaxing, helps to relieve nervous tension and fatigue. In addition, it calms and is best taken before bedtime.

Cold bath The temperature is not more than 20 degrees,Helps to strengthen the immune system of the body, hardening, makes the skin taut and elastic, has a toning and beneficial effect on the body. The duration of such a bath is not more than 5 minutes.

Hot tub Its temperature is up to 40 degrees,It is taken if there is no high temperature after prolonged exposure to frost, with chills, colds and coughing. The duration of such a bath is not more than 10 minutes.

Bath with the addition of sea salt
Sea salt contains all the necessary mineral substances that are necessary for healing and beneficial effects on the body, giving the person a feeling of comfort and freshness.

The healing properties of sea salt
- Anti-inflammatory effect.
- Anesthetic effect.
- Increases the activity of organs and tissues.
- Participates in metabolic processes.
In order to take a bath with sea saltIt is necessary to stir 350 grams of sea salt in water. The procedure lasts from 15 to 20 minutes. The water temperature should be from 36 to 37 degrees. Baths should be taken every other day, a course of treatment of 10 baths.

This bath calms the nerves, relieves fatigue, makes the skin more elastic, smooth, improves skin condition.

Bath with the addition of essential oils
Ethers have been used successfully and for a long time to improveSkin regeneration, to accelerate metabolic processes, to strengthen cell membranes. Aromatic oils increase muscle tone, improve the blood supply of skin cells.

When cellulite is recommended to use such essential oils, such as: sandalwood, neroli, pine, juniper, bergamot, rosemary, grapefruit, mandarin, lemon, orange.

Essential oils should be mixed well with a glass of kefir and then dissolved in water. The duration of this procedure is twenty minutes, the water temperature should reach 37 degrees.

It is possible to make such mixtures:
- 6 drops of thyme, 2 drops of lemon, 4 drops of rosemary.
- 3 drops of lemon, 5 drops of rosemary, 5 drops of thyme,
- 1 drop of sage, 1 drop of lavender, 1 drop of geranium, 1 drop of rosemary, 3 drops of juniper.

Cleopatra's Bath
To take a bath you need to heat a liter of milk, you can not bring it to a boil. Then melt 100 grams of honey, pour into milk and mix well.

Before taking a bath you need to take 350 grams of saltAnd mix with not fatty sour cream, rub this mixture into the skin, with circular movements of hands. Then you need to wash yourself. Then pour the mixture of milk and honey into the tub. The duration of the bath is from 15 to 20 minutes.

The result is as follows: salt cleanses your skin, honey and milk relieve nervous tension and fatigue, rejuvenate the skin.

Bath with salt and soda for weight loss
Take 300 grams of salt and 100 grams of soda andSoluble in warm water. Then we'll go to the bath. The duration of this procedure is from 10 to 15 minutes. After the bath, we rinse and lie down for one hour. This bath allows you to lose weight by 300 grams.

Bath with bran
Has a good effect on the epidermis, removes dryness and roughness of the skin, relieves itching and irritation.

Take 300 grams of oat or rice branPut in a gauze bag and put it in water, one bag can be used for 2 or 3 procedures. If you add two tablespoons of starch, then the skin will become more smooth and tender.

Bath from mint
This bath is used for obesity, fatigue, tonification.

Take 200 grams of mint, fill with four liters of boiling water and we will insist for one hour.

How to take and prepare a healing bath?
Herbal healing baths
- a source of beauty and health, an excellent toolTo increase the body's defenses. Such baths are available to all. In the pharmacy you can buy herbs for bath preparation. Acceptance of herbal baths, it's like a home resort. And at the same time taking baths is effective, cheap and convenient.

To make a bath you need to take 100 gramsDry herbs or 600 grams of raw herbs for 20 or 30 liters of water (depending on the specific case, the dose of the herb can be changed). The grass is laid in enameled dishes, poured cold water, brought to a boil (stems, roots and branches boil for 10 to 15 minutes). We insist 40 minutes or 50 minutes, filter and pour into the bath. Then the water in the bath is brought to the desired volume. We take therapeutic baths 2 or 3 times a week, until a therapeutic effect occurs
Hygienic baths are taken 1 or 2 times a week. The water temperature in the bath should reach from 36 to 38 degrees. The duration of this procedure is 5 or 20 minutes.

Before taking a herbal bath, we wash with soap, do not use soap during bathing, do not rinse with water after the herb bath.

Now we know what curative baths are for cheerfulness and joy of the body. Let the care of your body give you joy, and the baths help to maintain youth, good spirits, health and beauty.

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