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The best way to hair depilation on the legs

Magic creams are not all-powerful. Vegetation after them appears quickly - at times with the same speed as after shaving (especially if a cheap depilator is used). A note: "Slows down the growth of hair," - also does not always work. The effect of slowing substances on undesirable vegetation is very individual. Also, creams may not give the desired result if the hairs are too hard. Another drawback of depilatories - they often cause allergies.

Remove hair against their growth. Best of all - with some effort. This, first of all, is addressed to those who have hairs too rigid. Be sure to perform a sensitivity test (as indicated on the label). You do not need to resort to such creams if you actively take sun baths. It is worth to miss a few days on the beach, wait until the sunburn a little off, and then start depilation.

Epic style

You can remove hair by resorting to special devices - electric epilators. Their secret is rotating rollers, which grab and tear out hairs.

Main advantage: Vegetation does not break out very long. Legs, armpits and other areas can remain smooth up to 2-3 weeks. Alas, with electroepilation, hair often breaks. This provokes their ingrowth. According to observations of specialists, long months of training do not guarantee an excellent result. And at an enviable dexterity after electroepilation remains up to 10% of broken hair. The method is rather painful and far from sterile, even if you follow all the rules of using the device (regularly cleaned, not given into someone else's hands). Electroepilation can not be done with skin inflammations, boils - there is a risk of spreading the infection further. Do not take the device in hand, if the skin is damaged, there are ingrown hairs. With caution, you need to carry out the procedure in the presence of moles, papillomas, warts.

Remove unwanted hair is necessary against theirGrowth, it is considered the best way to hair depilation on the legs. Could not pull out all at once? For the same territory it is worth to go through again. If you do hair removal immediately after the shower, the hairs are soft - and will be worse removed.

Universal option

Wax figures. Hit salons - getting rid of excess hair with the help of wax. Professionals choose warm waxes (it is sold in cassettes or in cans) or hot (in cans or in granules). In fact, they are almost the same temperature, but differ in the way they are used. Depilation with warm wax involves the removal of hair with a special strip, which is glued to it after application to the body. Frozen hot wax breaks off without her - fingers. Wax is used for independent work (so-called

wax strips). However, on them the preparation often dries up, and the hairs are removed badly, especially if they are stiff. Cosmetologists advise, and at home use professional warm or hot means.

The bristle does not break for a relatively long time. If the procedure is performed correctly, there will be a minimum of side effects. The least manipulative with hot wax is traumatic.

Since the wax includes synthetic substances,It can cause allergies. In people with very sensitive skin, in rare cases, burns are possible. Depilation with wax has a bad effect on the vessels - it can not be done with varicose veins, it is undesirable - with a vascular network on the skin. Abstain from the procedure is necessary when there are pustules, papillomas, warts. Also, from wax procedures should be abandoned, if you just returned after the beach and heavily tanned. We must wait a few days.

In the cabin

Master degreases the skin with a special preparation andSprinkled with talcum powder (if depilation with warm wax is made). When using a hot product, talc is not used. With a spatula or immediately from a cassette, wax is applied to the skin - and pulls the hair against growth. At home. Skin covers also need to be degreased, for example, a tonic for sensitive skin. In very hot weather (when the sebaceous glands are working above the norm!), You can additionally wipe out the necessary places with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Then the wax is applied and removed against the growth of the hair - as it is written in the instructions. It is not easy to tear hair from behind on legs and in other places inaccessible. You can skip vegetation and even injure the skin. During the procedure, the wax can not be applied again to the same area. Attention! Both home and salon wax depilation should be done if the hair is not shorter than 4 mm. If you are addicted to allergies, you need a test for sensitivity to the drug.

Doctor Laser

The laserepilation. From procedure to procedure, hair is less, hard dark hairs are replaced by imperceptible guns. Chances are that the undesirable vegetation will disappear forever. Plus with the help of rays removed ingrown hairs and pigmentation. At one time a miracle will not happen. It takes several sessions (usually 4-8). Between the first and second procedures, as a rule, two weeks pass, between the second and third - four (each time the interval increases by 14 days). After the entire course, single hairs can "wake up". Therefore, once a year, it is worth doing a preventive procedure - to work on the isolated individuals in a point method.

It's problematic to clean white hair: The laser does not see them, so a special device will be needed. According to cosmetologists, X-ray will affect the hair from a light-brown color and darker. In epilation "hyperboloid" of the fourth generation there are few contraindications, for example, pregnancy, diabetes mellitus. It is necessary to abstain from the procedures during the administration of antibiotics of the tetracycline group, so that there is no pigmentation. The rule: if there are failures in the body, it is better to consult a doctor. Also, ray manipulations can not be done immediately after the beach or the solarium - you should wait until the tan comes off a little.

Only in the salon or in the clinic

Before the procedure, the hair is removed - the laserActs on the follicles. If the sensitivity threshold is high, local anesthesia with a special cream is performed. Then the right places are irradiated with a laser. At the end, a remedy with panthenol is applied to soothe the skin.

After the first session, it seems that they did notEpilation, and build-up: unwanted hair grows with a vengeance. But this is their swan song: in a week they begin to fall out. They can not be pulled out in any way, so as not to disrupt the structure of the bulb. You can shave or use depilatory creams.

If unwanted hair is too much, consult an endocrinologist and check your hormonal background.


Irritation. You can remove funds with soothing ingredients, for example, with an extract of chamomile or aloe. Allergy. Do not rub, comb the "struck" places. Do not use greasy creams. Do not use a product that provoked the problem. Ingrown hair. Do not immediately go to the bathroom after the procedure. Hot water, steam leads to the appearance of ingrown hairs. If they nevertheless arose, get rid of them will help special drugs that are sold at pharmacies.

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