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Choosing a hair remover

You are amazed at how easily and evenThe pleasure of the supermodel gets rid of the hair on the television screen. They promise that the skin will be smooth for a long time and without any side effects. I even want to try it myself. However, in reality there is no ideal method. Hair is not a vestige of the past. They are still needed by man. Therefore, the body is so staunchly fighting for them against the tricks of science. Invented many ways to combat unwanted vegetation. But each person has a choice of means for hair removal.


Shaving is not the most pleasant procedure. It takes a long time, leading to micro-cuts and skin irritation. The hair follicles, from which the hair grows, are under the skin. Therefore, during shaving, only the top layer of hair is cut off. A few days later, the hair grows anew. It seems that it does not matter. After all, if necessary, the procedure can be repeated. But during the mechanical action, the hair shaft deforms. He often bends and sharp ends sometimes grows into the skin. On the site where the ingrowth took place, a inflamed tubercle appears. This condition is called pseudofolliculitis. There are women for whom pseudofolliculitis is a big problem. After all, after such a shave, the skin becomes covered with pimples, inflames and turns red.

To prevent ingrown hairs, it is recommendedUse the products containing alpha hydroxy acids. For example - glycolic acid. Some folk craftsmen wipe after shaving with a solution of aspirin.


Waxing is known to women for more than onecentury. And since then this remedy for hair removal has not undergone any significant changes. Waxes are hard - based on lemon juice and tar. And there are softened honey or sugar. The procedure for depilation is simple. It can be carried out not only in beauty parlors, but also at home.

The hard wax heats up and is applied to the skin. And after hardening, it is removed together with adherent hairs. Soft wax should be applied in a warm form and removed with strips of tissue. To a skin the hard wax less adheres, and he captures drags better. Soft wax is harder to remove, but it is easier to use. Wax on the basis of resins is almost not washed off by water. To remove it you will have to use special means. Therefore, wax with the addition of caramel and honey is more convenient to use. He not only copes with his task, but also easily washed away. To reduce pain, anesthetics are added to the wax: bisabolol and azulene from chamomile.

The essence of the method of waxing is simple. Before use, the strips are slightly heated in the hands. Then they are applied to the skin and with a sharp movement the strips are torn together with the hair. The method is not pleasant. But it gives a quick and steady result - for two weeks the skin remains smooth. If the wax is used regularly, then the hairs become rare and thin with time. Wax hair removal is ideal for getting rid of hair on your legs. But for the face this method is not very suitable. It can lead to the appearance of acne, exacerbation of herpes and skin inflammation. It is also contraindicated in the use of certain medications.

Depilatory cream.

The active substance of the hair remover cream -Thioglycolic salt of sodium or potassium. This substance destroys the bond between the keratin, after which the hair is easily removed. Hair breaks not only on the surface, but under the skin. However, this does not stop the hair from growing quickly. And just like after shaving, the hair can grow into the skin, causing pseudofolliculitis.

Electrolysis and thermolysis.

This execution is not for the faint-hearted. A thin needle is inserted into the hair follicle, after which an electric current is passed through it. During electrolysis, the current passing through the needle forms sodium hydroxide in the tissue liquid. This alkali also causes destruction of the hair follicles. Despite the anesthetic cream, this procedure is painful. And it takes a long time - for every hair it takes more than a minute. High-frequency currents are used in thermolysis. As a result of their influence, heat is released. Hair follicles die due to thermal effects, rather than chemical reactions.

This cardinal method of hair removal shouldTo conduct a highly qualified specialist. To achieve a stable result, the procedure will have to be done several times. It is possible to form keloid scars, hyperpigmentation, viral and bacterial infections are possible.


Recently popularDiscoloration of fine hair. Mostly - on the face. With the help of a special cream, the hairs become discolored in a short time with minimal irritation of the skin. But even if you have healthy skin, you need to have a skin test on a small area of ​​the face. Also it is necessary to take into account that the bleached hair looks ugly on the tanned skin.

Laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is the newest method of hair removal. It has many advantages. The procedure passes quickly and almost painlessly. And hair after laser hair removal does not grow for a long time. The main deterrent to the mass distribution of laser procedures is the high cost of the service. Many believe that the laser eliminates hair forever after the first session. This is not true. It will take several sessions to get the effect fixed.

The effectiveness of laser therapy depends to a large extent on theType of laser and correctly matched radiation parameters. The ruby ​​laser proved to be the best. Laser and non-laser light sources can be used. The most common side effect is hyperpigmentation. Therefore, the skin needs to be protected from the sun before and after the procedure.

Stop hair growth.

Cosmetic companies advertise funds,Which are designed to stop hair growth. But in practice such creams, ointments and lotions do not exist. At best, they contain components that reduce the inflammatory process and prevent the hair from growing into the skin.

There are several medicines,Actually slowing hair growth. But they have many contraindications. Skin flaking and irritation, burning, allergic reaction are possible. Means for slowing hair growth is recommended to be used only in combination with other methods of hair removal.

Do I Need Hair Removal?

To shave or not to shave is a debatable question. In the west, there is a whole movement of feminists who do not want to suffer for the whims of men. And not every man pays attention to freshly shaved legs. Hype around the hairs skillfully warm mega-corporations. After all, the means of hair removal is an important source of income. Fashion magazines erect a smooth body in the cult, silencing about the possible negative consequences for health.

Sometimes a little extra hair looks lessVisible, than pigmented spots, acne and allergic rashes. If the hair is thin and light, they should not be touched at all. And if anyone decided to try out new means of hair removal, then do it before the beach season on the closed area of ​​the body.

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