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All about Thai massage

As a rule, massages conducted for tourists are of a sexual nature, that is, masseurs are pursuing the goal to awaken sexual sensations.

Thai massage is more than a massage, becauseWhen it is performed, the masseur and the patient enter into a trance, in which the breath, desires and movements of the masseur and patient coincide. It is very important to establish mutual understanding with Thai massage, otherwise the visible result will not be achieved.

A surprising and unique feature in otherProcedures and types of massages, is the prayer of the masseur before the procedure of massage. The masseur asks God to save the client from the pains and pains that torment him. After an individual prayer, the masseur offers clients to read the prayer together, whatever it is, to start a mix of thinking and understanding.

In general, the procedure of Thai massage is aimed atStretching the muscles and twisting them. As a rule, stretched and elastic muscles allow the joints to move freely. According to Thai teachings, when stretching the muscles, the path for energy that flows throughout the body is released. Thai massage from other types of massage is characterized by softness and tenderness, because the purpose of the massage is the sensation of every movement of the masseur. Each cell of the body does not remain without the attention of the masseur. The procedure of Thai massage lasts about 1.5 - 2 hours, so if you are in a hurry, then do not start this procedure.

When performing Thai massage is not usedAuxiliary substances, namely oils and cream. The massage takes place in loose clothes and without shoes, this applies to both the masseur and the client. Thai massage is very similar to acupressure, as Thai uses point touches as well. The skillful hands of the massage therapist, with tenderness and ease, press the vital points that are responsible for the work of this or that human organ. Thai massage actively uses the technique of yoga. Only in contrast to the yoga itself, the patient does not need to perform "acrobatic" receptions independently, with Thai massage the patient is in a relaxed state, and the specialist helps him to perform all the actions.

To date, there are also variousRelaxing massages, but unlike Thai, they are aimed at local effects, and Thai begins with the roots of the hair, and ends at the tips of the toes. So it turns out that not a single part of the body and not one of its parts is left without attention.

If you want to feel the actions of ThaiMassage, then you do not need to travel to Thailand, because massage parlors, spa salons with Thai massage are in all the major cities of our homeland, including in the capital. Thai massage can be ordered at any time from sixty minutes or more. Thai massage will allow you to relax, relieve fatigue, stress, feel pleasure and peace of mind. If you have the opportunity to visit the spa, be sure to take advantage of this, because to save yourself is not decent.

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