/ How is depilation waxed at home?

How is depilation waxed at home?

However, in achieving an excellent resultA woman has to use not only different lotions, creams and oils, but also methods for removing non-desirable hair. It so happened that the body of a woman should be without excess hair. A commonly used "tool" against hair on the body is a razor, but as practice shows, it does not save for a long time. Hair after shaving begins to grow more actively, sticking out spines (bristles) look not only not aesthetically, but also cause a lot of convenience and skin irritation. Imagine what an unpleasant moment of intimacy with your loved one if he holds his hand in the bristle zone. Well, let's not focus on this not effective method of hair removal.

Some women use depilatory cream. In the struggle for an ideal skin without hairs this method is also ineffective, since the removal of hairs occurs not evenly. When using such a tool, every woman should understand that the chemical composition of these creams ruins the structure of the hair, and then what it does with the skin. And besides, if you write honestly, then hair growth stops briefly.

The third method is hair removal with the help of wax. It can be stated with certainty that this method is very effective and has the longest result.

Thanks to the wax method, a woman can beCalm for at least two or even three weeks. It's nice to get together on the road, as if it's a business trip, a tourist trip, and do not take with you the means that remove the hair from your body.

Wax and its constituent additives soften andSoothe the skin. In the question of how waxing is done at home, a specialist in the field of cosmetology or a girlfriend with experience in this field will help. At home it is desirable to carry out only a procedure with cold wax, since it is more convenient at home and takes a minimum of time. Wax strips for home use are sold in any place of sales of household chemicals, shampoos and toothpastes. Before using wax depilation at home, a strip of wax should be held in the palms thus warming it. Then remove the protective layer and paste on top of the necessary depilation. When the wax cools, a sharp movement is necessary to tear off the strip from the skin. Sensations after separation are not unambiguous. On one side it hurts, and on the other hand it's nice that the pain has passed. Believe me, in this article we are not trying to deceive the readers and say that it does not hurt. Yes, the sensations are not pleasant, but believe me, the process is worth the result, especially after using the wax, a soothing cream is applied that will soften the skin and slow the growth of hair. Depilation with wax in the zone of the bikini line should not be carried out at home. In solving the issue of hair removal from intimate places should be entrusted to professionals working in beauty salons and other institutions. In the zone of the bikini line, a procedure with hot wax is applied, which is uniformly superimposed on the necessary areas, then hair removal occurs instantly, the pain threshold is thereby reduced. The beauty salon specialist will take care of your skin and your health in general. Removing unnecessary and very annoying hair, any woman will feel free and relaxed.

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