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Healing ice for the face of what to cook?

When the ice touches the skin, theCooling and blood begins to flow to the skin, pores become narrower, and metabolic processes begin to be stimulated. Thanks to the healing properties of ice, the elasticity of the skin improves, and it looks much fresh and a light, gentle glow appears on the cheeks.

Ice you can refresh not only the face, but alsoNeck and decollete area. Wipe the skin with ice twice a day and do this procedure preferably at a fast pace. Ice should glide over the skin and not stay in separate areas.

For the best use of ice, do not dryYour skin with a towel, and let it dry itself without resorting to a towel. This is done so that the skin can absorb useful substances. After all, ice has a very different composition.

Of what to prepare medicinal ice for the face.

1. For the skin of the face is very useful ice, made from mineral water. For this healing ice you will needMolds in which you fill the mineral water and put it in the freezer. Thus, you can save all the nutrients that mineral water is rich in. Prepared ice from mineral water is suitable for absolutely any type of skin without exception. Also for cosmetic purposes you can use green strong tea. It is one of the best means for toning any type of skin.

2. If you want to improve your skin, take a silver coin And hold it in the water for 24 hours. After this water, make ice. Silver has a purifying and disinfecting properties.

3. If you want to whiten the skin and get rid of the spots on your face, you Will help cook you rice soup. Rinse the rice and cook it in plenty of water. When the rice is boiled, strain the rice porridge, and freeze the resulting broth in the freezer and use it for about 3 days.

4. If you want to soothe your facial skin or you do the cleaning at home Person, you can cook a decoction from the laurel leaf. Put the bay leaf in water, boil it, strain it, and then get the broth frozen in the refrigerator. Such a decoction will have healing properties for your face.

5. Also, fruit ice has medicinal properties And is able to rejuvenate your skin. And to make this ice you will need lemon juice. Squeeze half a lemon and mix with one glass of boiled chilled water. And the resulting mixture is frozen in the molds.

6. A good whitening agent is ice from grapefruit. Divide the fruit into lobules, peel off the films, and then freeze. Frozen grapefruit slices wipe the skin of the face. Do not wipe the remaining juice on the face skin for about 10-15 minutes.

7. As a tonic for the face, you can use watermelon ice. Squeeze the juice from the pulp of watermelon and fill the ice molds.

Healing ice for the face you can cook inHome conditions. But you should be aware that if you have skin inflammations or dilated vessels, you should not practice washing with ice. Also, do not use ice procedures if you decide to go outside in cold weather.

In this article we told you about the healing properties of ice and how to prepare it. We wish you health!

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