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How to wash your hair properly

The first question that arises in caring forHair, is the frequency of their washing. A mass of answers: from daily to 1 time a week. You need to select the optimal frequency that is right for your hair, so as not to walk with a dirty head, but also not wash them more often than required

Normal, healthy hair is enough to wash 1 timeIn 5 days, without taking into account the means of washing, the specifics of your work, the time of year, etc. Oily hair is greased very quickly and does not look very attractive and aesthetic on the second or third day after you washed it. Owners of oily hair should remember what factors affect the fat content of hair, this: frequent combing, which stimulates the sebaceous glands, eating foods that are saturated with carbohydrates (sugar, sweets, flour products, etc.), high-calorie foods and fats . Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that oily hair will be correct to wash at a frequency of 1 every two to three days, using the appropriate type of hair shampoo. Dry hair should be washed once in 8-10 days, and between the washing procedures to do strengthening and moisturizing procedures for the hair, since such hair is usually thin and brittle.

An important role is also played by water that youUse for washing hair. Everyone knows that the water that flows from the faucet contains many salts and is quite stiff. To benefit from your hair from washing was much more, this water should be boiled for a very long time. The correct application of shampoo to the hair is as follows. After wetting your hair, you need to make an emulsion of shampoo and water, i.e. Just dissolve a small amount of shampoo in water and apply the hair to the emulsion, and not try to rub the shampoo directly on the hair, thereby hurting them. Hair should be at least two times. At the first time only a part of dust, dirt and sebum is washed off, after the second washing the hair is finally clean. Be sure to ensure that the hair does not have the slightest amount of shampoo, tk. Hair will be salted very quickly, stick together and break down.

I would also like to say thatIt is important for the hair and the correct water temperature, it should not be too cold or too hot, since this also affects the condition of the hair after washing. For example, the fatter your hair, the cooler the water should be used. The water temperature, ideally, should be 35-45 ° C.

After washing, wet hair is not combed.It is recommended until they dry, as it is at such a moment that it is very easy to injure them. If you need to comb them, then do it with wooden or plastic combs. It is better to comb the hair well before washing, then the process of combing after washing will not cause much trouble. Do not forget that long hair is right to comb from the ends, and short from the roots.

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