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We do classical general massage

Massaging, the masseur not only heals, but alsoReceives information about the symptoms of certain diseases. For example, bands or any other changes in the skin indicate possible changes in the muscles. Usually it happens with painful muscle tension. This is a symptom of overloading of one half of the body and emotional overstrain. The masseur can establish and the changed sites of sensitivity of a skin that allows to suspect a painful syndrome of nervous origin.

Massage is indicated with strong tensionOccipital muscles, which contributes to headache, impaired blood circulation, decreased activity. It is effective for various orthopedic diseases, rehabilitation of patients. Massage is an important treatment for patients who have suffered a stroke. In addition, it is effective for the prevention of disease, improves overall health. In sports medicine, during rehabilitation, massage improves the physical form, accelerates the process of recovery.

Massage is done to athletes participating inCompetitions. Often during massage, the effect is also on organs quite far from the massaged place - thus, their function is normalized and the metabolism is stimulated. First of all, the massage improves blood circulation, so pleasant heat spreads through the massaged areas. It also helps to reduce convulsive muscle contraction. Vibration acts on the muscles, stimulating their natural rhythm of work and not allowing them to shrink convulsively.

The air temperature in the room must be20-22 ° C. The patient undresses and tries to take such a pose on the massage table, in which he does not experience any pain. To achieve complete relaxation, the patient is advised not to eat or drink 2 hours before the session, and also to empty before the procedure.
The masseur places the patient under certain parts of the patient's body. Then he covers the skin with a thin layer of powder or oil and only after that starts the massage.
Stroking - a technique that begins andThe massage procedure ends. Usually, larger parts of the body are massed first, then individual muscles or their groups. In addition, i.e. First of all, surface, and then deeper located muscles are massed.

Depending on what parts of the bodyMassage, the duration of the massage session lasts from 10 to 30 minutes. True, often, the massage is combined with additional treatments, for example, warm air or applications of therapeutic mud. The most often prescribed massage course, consisting of 6-10 procedures, which must be repeated every 2-3 days.

The action of massage. Improves blood circulation. Muscles and skin warm and relax. Improves the supply of tissues with oxygen, from which slags are removed. There is an effect on the psyche - after some time after the massage, a person feels rested, relaxed.
During the first sessions, kneading canSeem to the massed person a rather unpleasant reception (especially with strongly hardened muscles). Having felt the pain, a person should immediately tell the masseur.
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