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Disease of tired legs

Remember, as parents (not only moms, but alsoFathers) teach their still young daughters: "You can not wear high-heeled shoes! Your posture will deteriorate and your legs will begin to hurt! ". But can the future alleged harm and our youthful maximalism compete? No. Because the disease of tired legs is waiting for us abroad for several decades.

One of the proofs that wearing shoes with heels leads to leg ailments is a study of American scientists published in one of the health publications.

The main reason for the research work wasThat women wear uncomfortable shoes in their youth, this directly affects the development of leg diseases in old age. Also, the study showed that the relationship between wearing uncomfortable shoes and diseases in old age in the male part of the population was not revealed. Lucky for men - they can wear whatever they want!

So what diseases of the legs are waiting for us in the near futureTime? In the top 20 most common reasons for seeking a doctor for women aged 65 to 74 years - a pain in the feet and fingers. These pains may be symptoms of a more serious illness. These, in this case, include diabetes mellitus, gout, rheumatic polyarthritis. Disease can also be a consequence of bruises, sprains and fractures.

The Boston University School of HealthA study has been carried out on the relationship between fatigue and leg and shoe disease, which we carry. The group of subjects included people older than 50 years. Namely, 3372 people - 1,900 representatives of the fair sex and 1,472 strong. The observation was conducted from 2002 to 2008. A regular survey was conducted on the subject of pain, spasm and aches in the legs. The pain was later classified. Several main groups were identified - nail pain; Pain in the anterior and posterior parts of the foot; Pain in the arch of the foot and pain in lifting the arch of the foot. The subjects were told in detail about the shoes they wore throughout their lives. Conditionally time was divided into 5 periods. Also classified and shoes. Here are its main groups:

  • Good - it includes sports shoes and casual shoes;
  • Medium - shoes, work shoes and shoes on rubber soles;
  • Harmful - stilettos, flip-flops and sandals.

As a result of the survey, 25% of respondentsFatigue in the legs and pain almost constantly. In women, the main cause of pain was wearing shoes with high heels - harmful shoes. With men, the situation was better - only 2% of them wore uncomfortable shoes. Because the choice of men's shoes was not a fundamental factor in the disease of feet.

Based on the above data, doctorsStrongly recommend not to wear uncomfortable shoes. If you often get tired legs - you need to regularly do leg exercises. This will help to neutralize over time the negative impact of uncomfortable shoes.

It is fairly noted that heels are extremely harmfulNot only for feet, but also for the knees and pelvic bones. So, if we often wear high heels, we will develop a transverse flatfoot. A flat foot, in turn, will lead to weakness of the joints and ligaments, and a change in the hormonal background. Heels provoke not only fatigue, but also constant overstrain of the leg muscles. Fatigue manifests itself from the violation of blood circulation of veins. And this already leads to such diseases as effusion and varicose veins.

In Europe, you rarely see a woman in heels. A possible reason for this is the abundance of cobblestone pavements. Walking on their heels on them is not very convenient. But our "mirror" asphalt in most cities, and calls to walk on the heel!

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