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Puffy eyes in the morning, reason

The area of ​​the eyes in women is the most sensitive onFace part, is guarded by two layers of the dermis, as elsewhere. They are prone to dryness, because they have less glands, as well as redness and puffiness from inflammation, because they are full of blood vessels. Eye treatment is a delicate work. For those who suffer from swollen, puffy, or red eyes, help may come in different forms, depending on the cause.

Why the eyes swell.
There are many causes of puffiness in the eyes, someWhich are behavioral and can be adjusted with major lifestyle changes. Others are more difficult to eliminate, but can be cured, with timely detection.

Bloating. Too much alcohol or salt can cause your body to keep water everywhere, including in the soft tissues around the eyes. As in the area of ​​such a delicate part, the speed of occurrence of consequences is formed here in just one night.

Many tears from the eyes can strain them, which leads to swelling or rupture of blood vessels.
High blood pressure pushes liquids in the tissues around the eyes.
Stress - hormones, freed from stress, can cause eye irritation.
Allergies are accompanied by sneezing, and watery eyes, eye swelling is possible.
Heredity. Sometimes a predisposition to swollen eyes is inherited.

Regardless of the cause of edema itself, ways can be taken to soothe, the puffiness of puffy, swollen eyes. After determining the reasons, the correct method of treatment can be chosen:
Hydration. Almost all causes, in particular, bloating, drinking a lot of water a day will help to remove toxins from the eye area and create relief to the face.

Cold treatment. The best way to fight inflammation is toCalm him from the cold. Cold cucumber slices, cold tea bags, or a cold towel are considered excellent ways to deal with this problem. Washing the face with ice water can also help relieve redness and relieve inflammation.

The reason for puffy eyes is sometimes covered in allergies. Eliminating this cause with medications, you can permanently get rid of the problem of puffy eyes.

Eye cream. Specially formulated moisturizersFor the eye area, especially with the indication of caffeine, cucumber, yeast, aloe, or vitamin E, are the best remedies for reducing edema and redness of the eyes. Also, such remedies remarkably soothe the eyes.

If the puffiness is hereditary and othersThe types of treatment proved to be ineffective, there are surgical solutions to this problem. Blepharoplasty is a common procedure where excess skin and fat is removed from the area around the eyes. This can also be a very costly option.

It is important to note that eye swelling may beA temporary condition, which eventually will pass even without treatment. In cases where the eyes are constantly swollen or painful, consult a doctor, as this may be a sign of more serious diseases in the body.
Take precautions: do not look at the sun without sunglasses, in cloudy weather, it is also not recommended to look at the sun.
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