/ How to take care of your skin in winter

How to take care of your skin in winter

How to properly care for the face in winter, how to protect it from possible damage?

It's no secret that beauty begins from within. In winter, we eat less vitamins in the form of fruits and vegetables, so with the onset of cold weather as a prophylactic drink the course of ascorbic acid, any mineral vitamin complex. This will help to cope with the winter load, not only your skin, but the entire body.

The second important rule is moisturizing. For the winter, stock up on fatty nourishing creams for the body and face.

In the morning, always use moisturizing creamfor face. Little secret: try to apply a thin layer of night before using the day cream. The night cream contains more moisturizing ingredients. Do not forget that after applying the cream you can go out in the street only after half an hour, otherwise the moisture contained in the cream will not have time to soak up and freeze - and this destroys the skin cells, leads to peeling.

In the evening, make up is better than cosmetic milk, not tonic or lotion. In molochke more humidifying or wetting components. Spirituous cosmetics in the winter are absolutely contraindicated!

In winter, the skin of a face of any type becomes sensitive, so carefully choose a cream, give preference to a cream for a dry and mixed skin type.

In addition to daily procedures, in winter two times inWeek pamper skin with nourishing masks: they support the general tone of the skin, saturate it with vitamins. You can buy ready-made masks or cook them yourself. Ideally, if the composition of the mask includes honey or olive oil - they perfectly nourish and soothe the skin.

If the winter begins to peel off the skin,Use a masked film. After such a mask, gently massage your face with a scrub, and then always use a nourishing mask. Such a simple procedure will help remove dead skin cells, which begin to peel off. But you should not abuse the mask and scrub in winter: the skin always needs time to recover from the peeling, and in winter the regeneration processes slow down.

In the cold, do not forget about the skin of the hands.

Change the usual hand cream to a greasy one. Ideally suitable special cream with the mark "protection from cold": in their composition specially selected moisturizing components.

In addition, do not forget to protect your nails: They also suffer from the cold, and from the lack of vitamins. Buy special oil for nails, it is applied in the same way as simply a varnish, and at the same time protects the surface of nails, nourishes them, softens the cuticle.

Additional moisturizing is just as important. To do this, you can use a special massage oil for hands - a couple of drops gently rub every evening, from the center of the palm to the fingertips. Moisten and protect the skin of the hands help the tub with warmed olive oil.

All the same rules apply to the skin of the body: do not forget to use body milk after the bath. Do a massage more often - it warms up the skin, once again trains the vessels.

In winter, the body is subject to greater stresses than in the summer. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to ourselves. Do not be lazy, once again use a moisturizer - and your skin will thank you.

Every woman should know how to properly care for the skin of the face in winter, in order to preserve their beauty and youth.

Elena Romanova, Especially for www.allwomens.ru
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