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Beautiful well-groomed hair

There are 3 types of hair. How to identify them? If your hair remains clean for 3 days - then you are the owner of a normal type of hair. If the next day after washing - it means you have fatty hair. A week passes and your hair remains clean, then you can talk about type 3 - dry hair.

How to improve the condition of the hair? The most basic means of hair care was and remains washing. For each type of hair you need your shampoo. Wash your head as often as necessary. If you have a fatty type of hair, then when washing, the temperature of the water should not be hot, otherwise it will cause an active production of sebaceous glands. To hair shone, were beautiful, it is recommended that they be washed off with shampoo with cold water.

What are the cosmetic products for hair care?
There are a lot of them on the market. These are the means for giving volume to thin hair, the means restoring damaged hair, hair care after chemical treatment. There are ways to eliminate dryness of the scalp. How to understand this diversity?

Balms and conditioners are designed to satiate yourHair with vitamins and minerals, they also impart a splendor to the hair. And conditioners are applied to the tips of hair, and balms directly to the scalp and roots for nutrition. Rinsers will be useful to us for facilitating the combing of hair and in order to make the water softer. If the hair needs urgent treatment, they need a quick recovery and nutrition, then here come to the aid of masks and all kinds of lotions. There are also various fluids and serums that nourish the hair and restore them literally in 3 minutes. They do not need to be washed off. Very good at rubbing the roots of hair burdock oil. It nourishes, revitalizes the hair, gives it smoothness, hair starts, grows rapidly.

Correctly combing your hair is also important!
After washing your head, do not immediately useComb, it is necessary to wait until the hair has dried, or dry it with a blower with cold air in a gentle mode. Also cosmetologists do not advise to rub the hair with a towel. It is better to let them dry themselves, but if you are in a hurry, then dry it with a hairdryer, but at a distance of not less than 60 cm from the head.

How to choose the right comb?

It should not be metal. In the case of using a metal comb, frequent breakage of hair is likely. It is better to use a wooden or plastic brush or comb. Begin combing hair with wide teeth. This will prevent hair from tangling. From the roots should be combed short hair, and long - better from the tips. Once or twice a month, get rid of the split ends.

What is hair care in the summer?
In hot summer time, hair needs a headDressing. It can be different caps or panamki. Protect from the sun will help creams with a UV filter. If you swam in the sea, then after that, rinse your hair with ordinary fresh water to wash away the sand and salt. Try not to dye your hair more than once a month. Use balms and masks. In this article, you learned how to make your hair look beautiful and well-groomed.
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