/ How Vitamin A Works on the Face

How Vitamin A Works on the Face

So how does vitamin A work on the face?
Many people know of such a disease as acne. The vitamin A derivative is retinol, it can have a calming effect, reduce the production of sebum and the size of the sebaceous glands, eliminate the excessive keratinization of the funnel of the hair follicle and inflammation in it, and reduce the number of microbes present on the skin.

In addition, this unique vitamin is indispensableAssistant for the removal of scars remaining at the site of acne. Of course, any woman does not paint and stretch marks on her skin, which is a consequence of a sudden weight gain for various reasons. Vitamin A is able to smooth traces of stretch marks. It also stimulates the activity of cells, the faster the regeneration of cells and the production of collagen, and therefore, helps skin rejuvenate.

Vitamin A is indispensable when solving problemsPigment spots, excessive keratinization of the facial skin. Retinol also helps to slow down the aging process of the skin. I use cosmetics with vitamin A, the face skin becomes noticeably younger: the facial wrinkles are smoothed, the synthesis of collagen and elastin accelerates, which improves the texture of the facial skin.

So it turns out that vitamin A is the source of youth for the skin of the face.

How can we know that there is not enough vitamin A in the body?
Deficiency of retinol in the body can be determinedOn dry, flaky skin. In addition, small wrinkles appear quickly. Being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin A allows you to maintain youth and beauty.

Where to look for vitamin A?

Vitamin A and all its derivatives can be obtainedWhen using products of animal origin - liver, butter, egg yolk, cream, fish oil. The age-old question: "What about carrots? After all, since childhood, everyone knows that it contains a lot of vitamin A! "The fact is that vitamin A is contained there in the form of coloring pigments of carotenoids, which serve as provitamins of vitamin A. This is the well-known beta carotene. To maintain a rational level of vitamin A in the body, it is sufficient to eat 2 egg yolks throughout the day.

Still it is necessary to remember, that retinol, as a rule,Is contained in anti-aging cosmetics, which should be used after 35 years. But after all, and twenty carrots, no one chewed, because the vitamin A for the skin of the face - the eternal source of youth and beauty.

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