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How to do the right face massage

Facial massage is divided into three types. The first type is called classical, the second is plastic, and the third is plucked. All these three kinds are made according to different principles. Classical facial massage is done with the help of cream or massage oil, it is used to support muscle tone.

Plastic massage is done, if you have a full face and on the skin of the face muscles, you need a strong effect. This massage is performed without cream.

A pinch massage is considered to be the strongest. He kneads the skin and includes tweezers, this massage is not suitable for everyone. It is done with spots on the skin, with seborrhea or with deep pronounced folds.

If you have broken the integrity of the skin,Wounds, herpes, vessels close to the skin, you better give up facial massage. Doing the procedure for the correct facial massage, all your movements, should be very gentle and careful. If you want to achieve a good result, you should gently stroke your face, but do not rub it.

The basis of a facial massage, you must choose,Relying on the condition of your own skin. If you have dry facial skin, it is best to use a chilled cream. If you have oily skin, then you will like olive oil. In olive oil, add a few drops of lemon juice. Also you can prepare a very good massage oil from almond and castor oil, it should consist of equal parts.

Also you can make an ice massage of the face, withUsing ice cubes. This kind of massage is a huge success and very simple in its implementation. This massage gives the person a beautiful healthy color and fine tone. But first you need to check how your skin reacts to the components and whether redness and allergies will appear. And if these signs do not manifest, you can freely do this massage every day.

How to do the right face massage:

From the side surfaces of the nose to the temples, fromChin on the lower jaw to the ear. From the upper lip and the upper part of the ear. Also you need to know how to properly do eye massage. Massage the upper eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. But the lower eyelid, do, on the contrary, from the outer to the inner.

Any woman should know how to do the right face massage.

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