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How to strengthen hair in winter

Going out into the street, do not forget to wear in winterCap on the head. It will not only protect you from the cold, but also protect your hair from the cold. If you do not like wearing hats, throw at least a scarf on your head. And in any case, do not go out in the winter, with wet hair. Your hair will freeze from moisture and may just break.

In winter, our hair is most exposed to stressDue to sudden temperature changes, both indoors and outdoors. In winter, it is not advisable to experiment with hair. If you decide to dye your hair or do chemical perm, it is advisable to postpone it until spring. It will be very useful for your hair.

You should know that the hair needs to be washed in winterOnly in cool water. Since hot water can make them more fragile and weaker. In winter, you need to minimize the use of plaque, hot hair dryer. Using a hair dryer in winter, you must set a cool mode. Comb choose only from natural materials. They will not damage your hair and easily, will massage your scalp. Massage can improve the blood circulation of the hair roots, and also strengthen your hair and give the missing food.

Shampoo for hair strengthening choose specificallyIntended for winter care. It can restore moisture to hair, make it easy to comb and strengthen them. After each hair wash, use a balm conditioner. If you could not find a special shampoo for winter care, then you can choose the means for brittle and dry hair. They will make your hair smooth and supple and strengthen your hair.

If you have luxurious long curls, then you shouldPay attention to the tips of your hair. Since in the cold time they suffer the most. You should choose the proper means for caring for your tips.

Do not forget to strengthen yourHair with different nutritional masks for hair. You can cook them yourself at home or buy in a store. Very good masks are those in which essential oils or rosemary are contained. Also you can add to the shampoo or hair balm, a drop of essential oil.

Thanks to our article, you could learn how to strengthen hair in winter.

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