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Sweating feet unpleasant odor

The smell of your feet depends only onSolely from your shoes. On the body of each person are thousands of sweat glands, and about 250 thousand on the feet. When allocated, sweat begins to provoke the multiplication of bacteria that emit an unpleasant odor.

If your feet work all day and do not rest at all, and most often it happens in athletes, your legs can not remain fresh. Physical stress only aggravates the process of sweat secretion.

In order to cope with the sweating of the feet and remove the unpleasant odor, we advise you to do the following procedures.

1. To prevent the development of skin diseases, every day, wash your feet with warm water.

2. Your socks should consist only of natural fabric. They are better absorbed moisture.

3. After each foot wash, apply a special foot cream, this cream should contain deodorizing and nutrients, as well as glycerin.

4. One of the effective means that helps to get rid of the smell is tea. Take your socks and put a tea leaf there. And after the socks with the tea leaves, put them in the shoes and leave for 1-2 days. Thus, you can remove the unpleasant corrosive smell of your shoes.

5. You can also use a deodorant for the feet. But do not put it between your fingers. And it is desirable that you do not go barefoot, as this can cause infection and worsen unpleasant odor.

6. Every day you have to wipe your feet with a rag, but it should only be made of natural material.

7. If you wear sneakers, you should not wear them for longer than three years.

8. In order to, tones and maintain the health of your feet, often walk barefoot on the grass.

9. Take the old tea brew and at home cook it from a strong tincture. And this tincture rinse your feet. The tea contains an astringent effect that can save you from the sweating of your legs.

10. If you have a very strong and unpleasant smell and nothing helps you, then you have leg disease. For treatment of feet, consult a specialist.

Let your feet always be fresh and healthy.

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