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Choosing a hairstyle for a face

If you asked the stylists for help, theyYou will need to choose a hairstyle, relying on the quality of your hair, the shape of the face and its characteristic features. If you have elastic hair, then not all haircuts can fit. And if you have thin hair you will be best suited for a three-dimensional haircut and also a good giving of volume gives the spinning of strands. If your hair is naughty you can make an extended haircut.

Now we will describe all kinds of hairstyles to each face form.

1. Selection of hair to the oval face shape. If you have an oval face you can make yourself any hairstyle.

2. Selection of a hairstyle for a round face shape. If you have a round face you will be approached by fashionable hairstyles, the outline of which should expand upwards from the ears. The purpose of this hairstyle is to visually extend the face. Hair at the top of the head should be raised and left on the sides a certain amount. You do not get combed hair for a straight part.

3. Selection of hairstyle for the square face shape. To the square shape of the face, slanting props or wavy hair will do. You will not need a long thick bangs and symmetrical hairstyles. Also, you should not comb the hair from your face.

4. Selection of hairstyle to a triangular shape of the face. If you have a triangular shape of the face, you will need an oblique or long straight bangs. You can not emphasize the wide cheekbones and you can not make short bangs.

5. Choosing a hairstyle for a rectangular elongated shape of the face. You will want a hairstyle that will cover your ears and frame your face with curls. Also you will approach a thick bangs to the eyebrows. Do not do hairstyle with vertical lines.

When choosing a hair style, you must take into account the features of your face.

1. The nose. If you have a long nose you should make a magnificent hairdo and do not stack your hair smoothly. If you have a snub nose, you must comb your hair up. But if you have a small nose, make hair with small curls without bangs. And if you have a wide flat nose, comb your hair from your face, lifting it high above your head.

Picking a hairstyle to the shape of a face and choosing a suitable hairstyle, you can emphasize all your best features, improving the quality of your hair.

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