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Christmas decorations for home

Toys with their own hands are made with love, and therefore they are so valuable and beautiful. We always find out that we do not have enough time and decorations. So let's get going.

Tissue Herringbone

We make a Christmas tree. To do this, you need to take multi-colored pieces of colorful fabric. Of these, we will make our tree. Still need beads, ribbons, stand and knitting needles. To make a stand, you can take a wooden or plastic bar.

We take pieces of cloth and lay them out from the larger toLess. If your pieces are the same, you should cut them a little. So the herringbone should be conical. We fix the knitting needles in the podstavochke and thread on it a piece of cloth. At the top we fix the biggest bead, with the rest we make a star. The herringbone can be decorated with ribbons and strasses. That's all! Our Christmas tree. You can put it on your desk.

Pouch bags

A smelling Christmas decoration for the house. It pleases the glaze to refresh the air. Gives coziness and warmth. To make a bag, you need to take a string, croup, beads, sequins, essential oil. A fragrance can be taken by anyone that you like. But we recommend taking something winter, this is pine, juniper or fir oil.

To begin with, take the groats (you can take buckwheat ormillet). Fall asleep in a jar and drip there essential oil. Tightly close the jar and good-looking it. You need to give yourself a pile of cereals for a couple of days so that the oil is absorbed.

From the fabric we sew the pouch (you can buy itIn the store), tie a string and decorate it with decorations. Now we fill the bag (or bag) with a fragrant cereal and hang it around the house. Alternatively, you can hang a little bag on the door handle or cabinet. The smell will be eroded, so periodically drip the oil in them.

Christmas angel doll Tilda

Christmas Angel - it's just incrediblebeauty. Looks doll is very cute and symbolic. It should be in every house. To make the eSamim, you need to take a fabric of flesh-colored color and another color for the dress. Unforgettable about threads, needles, floss, beads, ribbons and sintepon. To decorate the dress you can take the beads, beads, strassics, etc.

First we make a pattern on the album sheet. We place the detail of the fabric and gently round them. We make arms, legs, torso with head (cut out together) and wings. Without carving details, we spend them. Cut out all parts of the body, leaving a couple of mm in reserve. We turn everything out and stuff it with a sintepon, we do not stuff a trunk tightly. Be sure to make a cross seam on the knees so that they will bend. Although if it does not work out, it's not scary. We put on the legs the stitches, which need to be sewn. We collect by parts an angel. Sew the legs and hands to the body.

Now it's time for the hairstyle. We will use a moulin. In the area of ​​the face is to make long locks. You can make any haircut (braids, tails, etc.). On his face we sew eyes-beads. Draw a blush. The mouth of the pupae is not made. We have left to make wings. We also fill them with sintepon. Finished wings sewn in the back. Angel is ready!

There is a simpler version of the angel.

You do not have to sew for this. We take the fabric, golden thread and sintepon. Cut out a piece of white cloth square 12x12. In the middle of clademsintepon and tie it with a thread, so it turned out the head. We make "wings" and bind a golden thread crosswise our doll. This angel can be put on a fireplace or a Christmas tree.

Christmas socks

We all like it, like Christmas in AmericaEveryone has funny Christmas socks for gifts. So why do not we do this? They usually hang on the fireplace. But even if you do not have a fireplace, you can hang it in another place. If you know how to knit, it can easily be armed with knitting needles and crochet and quickly tie the jewelry. Well, we will need a piece of cloth of two colors (red and white), threads, scissors, spangles and patience.

Fold the red fabric in half. Draw a contour for the toe, now cut it out without touching the bend. Fold the nosochek face to the inside and sew it neatly or spend it. Now we turn out our toon. We make a rim of white fabric. We spread it upwards, while retreating 1 cm from the edge. Now we decorate the socks. You can sew ribbons, sprinkle the brushes and decorate with strasses. We can glue decorative snowflakes. You can put this nosochek candies and give to relatives.

Christmas wreath

Some traditions of celebrating and decorating the house came from the West. Usually we decorate our housing in a new way. And just the tradition to decorate with a Christmas wreath came to us from other countries.

From twigs of pine

We will make a traditional Christmas wreath. For this we take a couple of twigs of this pine, thin and thick wire, glue, knife, fur-tree toys, scissors and tinsel. We make a ring of thick wire (base for the wreath). We cut branches with a length of 25 cm. We need to glue them to our base with a thin wire. Wreaths decorate tinsel, neatly wrapping her wreath. And below you should tie a beautiful red bow. To keep the shape of the bow, we glue it to the wreath at the edges. In the end, you can decorate the creation of Christmas toys.

On the fridge

To create a festive mood, we canMake a woken fridge. We make it out of tinsel. We twist it into a ring and glue it to the magnet. It can be decorated a little. Size can be done either.

In fact, you can make a Christmas wreath out of everything. You can take cones or Christmas balls from the material. It's like your fantasy will allow.

And may your house be full of joy, happiness and love!

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