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Independent consultant Oriflame - simple and profitable

Despite the fact that it is summer now, and many of myClassmates kick the bald, I decided to do my salary. The scholarship we, Russian students, as you know, is quite small, and it's somehow indecent to hang around your parents' neck at our age. So I decided to register with Oriflame. Do not you think this is not so scary.? It's not even scary, but it's great, interesting and profitable. You remember, I was always sociable, in charge at school and in the yard. I constantly communicate with new people! I think it will help me a lot in the future profession of a marketer. In addition, my work does not interfere with my studies at all, it even helps. I began to feel more free, uninhibited, I'm not so afraid to answer at the seminars. The girls in the group first treated me with disbelief when I brought the catalog and told about my idea. Then I brought a variety of "goodies" from cosmetics: lip gloss with berry flavor, blue mascara and many other things to show how everything looks. The girls looked at everything with interest. Not a day has passed, and I have already received several orders! It's so convenient: you come to study, and at a big change you have time to distribute and collect orders. And work, and study, as they say in advertising, - "in one bottle."

Recently, I found out that the company conducts exitStudy abroad. Imagine, you can go to Paris, or Rome in the company of colleagues, attend various master classes, exchange experiences and communicate, communicate, communicate! Do you think that among the consultants there are some aunts and grandmothers who have nothing to do? It's not like that at all! In the class I met a bunch of people who came to Oriflame for quite different reasons. Many come just to have a good time (chat), someone to buy for themselves at a discount (save 30% of all pleasant and profitable), some come along to earn extra money, and some seriously earn money, open their own business. For someone, this is already a real business with earnings, a team of consultants, and a free work schedule.

When I was going to become a consultant to Oriflame,She wondered if it was too late to come to Oriflame. After all, this company is on everyone's lips! Surely there are many people registered there, who are full of customers. And I just will not have anyone to offer cosmetics! But then I began to think: in my group at the institute, I did not see anyone with the Oriflame catalog, and among my friends nobody deals with such matters ... And this means that I can do this! And I decided to take a chance. And now I realized that I did absolutely not in vain. Nothing's too late! It's only begining! People want to be beautiful and well-groomed always. People want a stable, promising and interesting life. And Oriflame offers all this.

Of course, I was a little afraid when I first tookCatalog and told friends about their "business". Of course, not everyone took me seriously, someone even brushed it aside. But I did not retreat: I went to trainings for consultants, told about the company not only at the institute, but also at the dances. And recently I got to the seminar "Success in Oriflame", where there were many young, ambitious people who talked about how they got to Oriflame, shared the techniques of work, talked about the mistakes made. For me, it was a little surprising to hear that many were confronted with a misunderstanding and with the difficulties that I had. I realized what I was doing wrong. After all, any problem has its own solution, and the error can always be corrected. I listened to the advice and ... Everything began to work out! Now many of my friends have registered themselves, and have become consultants themselves, and I am their mentor. Today Oriflame is not just a make-up for me - it's a lifestyle. And I have learned one life rule - success comes to those who do not give up. You have to be stubborn and persistent - and then success will come. I'm ready! And even success can get infected. If, of course, communicate with truly successful people.

I promise you to report your success!
I kiss you, your K.
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