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Make beautiful legs

However, sometimes the female legs do not look soideally. And do not just look - you yourself feel that the feet are very often tired and swollen. After all, you do not regret your feet, you can put on high-heeled shoes to look irresistible, a couple of hours to run around the city in time to do all the work. As a result, by the evening there is fatigue, swelling and, even, a little pain in the legs. Many women do not pay special attention to this, believing that this is quite normal for those who are more important to deal with different things than themselves, but beautiful legs are a great virtue. But if you daily feel the heaviness and pain in your legs - it is worth seriously thinking. After all, these are the first signs of varicose veins.

A popular disease.
Varicosity is an urgent issue for everyone.The third woman in the world. It is considered an exclusively female problem, due to the fact that men encounter varicose veins about 7 times less often than women. The disease is constantly "younger", in our days even very young girls suffer from it. Varicose veins - deformation of the vein wall, resulting from a violation of the outflow of venous blood from the veins of the legs. The root of the problem of varicose veins lies in the inherent nature of poor protection of a woman before the load on the veins, so beautiful legs still need to be "done." Its development is facilitated by excessive weight, "sedentary" or "standing" work, changes in the hormonal background due to pregnancy or the use of hormonal contraceptives. As you can see, a lot of ladies risk sooner or later to face this annoying "women's problem" and "spoil" beautiful legs, especially if you notice restless "bells" - puffiness of the legs, a feeling of heaviness ...

Prophylaxis does not hurt.
Any of us wants to think that it is from herBirth very strong vessels, which are not afraid of this disease. But this should not be expected - in any case, it is better to worry about your health, especially if it does not require special efforts. Just try to lead a healthy lifestyle and follow the easy rules that will help to avoid an unwanted disease and make your legs beautiful. Be engaged in fitness or elementary gymnastics in the morning, carefully watch your weight (because the more your weight, the greater the stress the veins on your feet experience), please your feet with a light massage for better blood circulation, and, most importantly, wear comfortable shoes.

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