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Wrinkles and health

If you think about it, wrinkles are not always our enemies. The location and depth of the fold indicates a certain disease of our body. If you look at the wrinkle in time, you can contact the doctor in advance and identify the disease at an early stage.

The upper part of the face (forehead and eyes) is responsible forPsychoemotional state. Parallel wavy wrinkles on the forehead signify worries, stress, constant tension and problems. Experienced physiognomists distinguish variations wrinkles of anger, suffering, fright.

With other wrinkles, the situation is not so simple, since they are hereditary. You, for example, received a large nose from your dad - get his wrinkles or the second chin with age.

And there are also acquired wrinkles, which say that something is amiss in this or that part of the body:

1. Smeared wrinkles. Vertical wrinkle in the middle at the levelThe bridge of the nose speaks of stomach problems. Vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows on the right - dysfunction of the liver and gallbladder; On the left - the spleen. Transverse wrinkle - problems in the cervico-occipital area (osteochondrosis).

2. Nasolabial folds. Deep, symmetrical wrinkles on both sidesTalk about dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. If the folds are drawn very clearly, it is gastrointestinal disorders. If the deeper groove on the right - pay attention to the work of the liver and gall bladder.

3. Vertical shallow wrinkles above the upper lip. As a rule, there are only womenThe weaker sex. Such folds on the face speak about gynecological diseases. Vertical wrinkles from the corners of the mouth down - gastritis with a decreased secretory function and predisposition to pancreatic diseases.

4. Cheek-chin wrinkles. Witness the hypofunction of the stomach and pancreas. The transverse wrinkle at the chin level can be a sign of stagnant phenomena at the level of the liver or small pelvis.

So, as it turned out, wrinkles we do notEnemies, but very useful allies in the struggle for health and beauty. Want to get rid of wrinkles on the face? Go to the doctor and examine the organ to which this or that wrinkle indicates you.

Well, if everything is in order with health, stock upA whole arsenal of creams, smoothing wrinkles (our happiness, now any respecting company produces such a series of funds). Take special gymnastics for the muscles of the face and try to follow your facial expressions. Then wrinkles noticeably diminish, and the face will become smooth and fresh.

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