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Cosmetics for smokers


The substances contained in cigarette smoke destroyCollagen fibers, the skin loses its elasticity, premature wrinkles appear. Vessels become brittle, as a result of disturbed blood microcirculation, there are vascular "stars". The face acquires an earthy tinge, circles and swelling appear under the eyes ... This obviously needs to be done.

Neutralizing the impact of tobacco will helpOxygen-containing cosmetics, which stimulates metabolism and rejuvenates the skin. Creams and masks with collagen will give the skin firmness, and the products with bioflavonoids will strengthen the walls of the vessels and make them more elastic.

The skin of women smokers loses theirProtective properties, becomes hypersensitive to ultraviolet. This leads to the appearance of age spots and early wrinkles. This will help cosmetics with UV filters (pay attention to the labeling of bottles) and whitening masks. Strengthen protection from external influences and creams with vitamin F.
Smoking slows down metabolic processes, which significantly spoils the complexion.

All smokers are recommended at least 1-2 times a week to do cleansing masks made of green and blue clay.
They gently remove dead cells from the surface of the skin, and then useful substances from creams and masks can seamlessly penetrate into the dermis.

To refresh the skin, in the salons conductSpecial procedure - microdermabrasion. This is a mechanical peeling, in which the surface of the skin is grinded using microcrystals, removing the top layer. The effect is noticeable at once: the face acquires a healthy color, the skin becomes smooth. The course of microdermabrasion usually includes 5 to 10 procedures, one per week. After each session, the skin is temporarily deprived of its usual protection, so for 24 hours you have to forget about cosmetics and sun. The best time for this procedure is early spring.

The result will be even better if afterMicrodermabrasion to conduct microcurrent therapy. It improves the metabolism at the cellular level and enhances the blood supply to the skin. It is best to take a course consisting of 10-12 sessions, day after day.


According to statistics, smoking increases the number of wrinkles around the eyes by 82%! And the inevitable bruises under the eyes do not adorn anyone. What can be done with this?

From wrinkles in the corners of the eyes completely get rid ofAlready it is impossible. Even resorting to salon polishing, after 2-3 months you will notice how "crow's feet" come back. To reduce their number, it is recommended to use the so-called active, or dermocosmetics. These drugs penetrate deep layers of the skin, actively moisturize, nourish, slow the aging process. To dermacosmetics are products from Laboratoire Bioderma, Avene, Ducray, A-Derma.

Tobacco contains many toxins, from whichThe body does not have time to get rid of. They are the cause of the appearance of characteristic circles under the eyes. To get rid of them, use professional cosmetics, for example, from Vichy or Lierac. You can use cold compresses or ice cubes, preferably from herbal decoction. Cold stimulates blood circulation and removes puffiness.


Lips, often squeezing a cigarette, lose shape,Around them there are sharp wrinkles, giving the person a characteristic evil expression. To cope with us will help the injection of restylane, biogel with hyaluronic acid. Cosmetologists use it to correct the volume and shape of the lips - after the injection, they become seductively plump, fine wrinkles are smoothed out.

There are other injectable drugs - perlene and fain lynx. They are selected individually, depending on the scale of the problem. The result is from six months to a year.


With hair a separate story. Smoking negatively affects the condition of blood vessels, so hair bulbs lack nutrients. Hair slowly grow, start to actively turn gray and fall out. They can be strengthened by nutritious masks from professional series that stimulate hair growth.

A good firming remedy is the root of calamus. You can find it in almost any pharmacy. Rinse the broth with wet hair, put on a cellophane cap and wrap the head with a towel. After an hour, you can wash your hair - and find that they have become shiny and healthier in appearance.

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