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Horoscope for 2010 for Lion for a month

Love and Sex lvov

From the 22nd to the 30th of September. September 22, do not show personal initiative in love, so as not to frighten away the sweetheart. Good days for love and romantic dates - September 24 and 25. September 29 and 30 will be under the sign of finding out the relationship with the partner - be patient. From 1 to 10 October. In matters of intimate relations, the period of debunking illusions and rejection of "rose-colored glasses" begins. Not everything is so bad, the main thing is not to deceive yourself. October 2 is an auspicious day for intimacy. The period of misunderstanding in marital relations is over: you will not be nervous about each other any more and will be able to communicate peacefully. From 11 to 22 October. These days you can get acquainted with a person from afar - this will be a preliminary acquaintance, the beginning of correspondence or your first short meeting. The main development of these events will happen next year. October 13-14, you want to "pull the blanket over yourself," and this may not like your half. The best days for love and visits are October 21-22. Romantic date. Allow yourself to walk up to the morning, for example, in an open disco in the park, on the waterfront. The glitter of lights and dancing until the fall will be remembered for a long time, especially if your chosen one also belongs to the fire element and is ready to share with you an incendiary mood.

Family of lions

Family affairs are going well, and even ifThere are difficulties, you with brilliance will win over them. The house and family are expensive, but they are up to you, and you will be happy to invest in the arrangement of your "lion cave". On September 22 and 23, on October 19 and 20, favorable days for communicating with parents, close relatives, to receive guests and work at home. September 24-25, pay attention to the children - they have been waiting for this for a long time. September 30 there will be some confrontation with the spouse; Have patience, and you will be able to avoid conflict.

Recreation of lions

Try to escape for at least a few daysFrom the city bustle and be alone with them in the country, in nature or in another secluded place. This is especially important in the days of the solar eclipse (it will occur on October 11, when it is necessary to observe a sparing regime). Take a few days to summarize the important results, abandon the outdated style of behavior, schedule new goals. Renewal in everything is your motto in this period. Place of power. The embankment of the sea or the river under the rays of the sun - set your face to the light, admire the banks and the yachts gliding along the water.

Work and Money for lions

There will be a lot of work, and you will plunge into it withHead. The most important tasks will be determined after the lunar eclipse on September 26 - then it will be possible to proceed to action. Arrange financial priorities and reasonably approach to all expenses. You can earn by participating in a project related to a foreign country or teaching. September 26-27 try not to argue with your superiors and colleagues: an eclipse can affect everyone and cause a surge of unnecessary emotions. Favorable days for talking with management or interviews - October 6 and 7. Buying a month. All the best in the house - furniture, interior and design items, utensils.

Love of lions

Although every Leo devotes a lot of time to loveRelations, work for him now in the first place. The dark streak that overshadowed his personal life was over. September 24, October 21 and 22 are good days for romantic meetings, at which time he will just want love and entertainment.

Tone of lions

If he is engaged in any sport orJust doing physical exercise, it just will do him good. You can take time to health, go through a comprehensive examination, start treatment. The main emphasis is on a healthy lifestyle, refusal from excesses in nutrition and rest.

Finance of lions

Financial affairs are not bad, he managed to achieveStability. Business with foreign partners will be successful. For financial risk approaches October 2, but in the next 9 months should be careful not to get involved in financial and credit adventures.

The work of lions

There will be many works, and it is quite possible that afterLunar eclipse on September 26, he will receive some important suggestions. Finally, it will determine the choice of the professional direction. In his career, a "green light" is burning for him, and everything depends on his personal efforts.

Friends of lviv

A period begins when your belovedMeet new friends. A good day for the meeting is October 9. The affairs of friends will occupy him all month, he will help them solve various problems. It will be difficult with Virgo and Aries, with Cancer and Sagittarius - it's easy.


From October 8 to October 13, spend the days in a calmAtmosphere, relax, get yourself out. It is possible and necessary to travel, but for now all long-distance trips will most likely remain at the level of plans that will necessarily come true, but later.

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