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Perfect manicure

1) With a small amount of moisturizer, massage hands and fingers. This will relieve tension, improve blood circulation and prepare the skin for the procedure.
2) Lighting should be good. In addition to the usual top light, additional lighting is necessary, for example, a table lamp. So you will see what you do in the smallest details and make no mistakes.
3) Before you start the manicure, remove the remnants of the old varnish. For these purposes, it is best to use products without acetone with a moisturizing effect.
4) Then give the nails the desired shape. Pick up a good saw that does not hurt your nails. Saw always from the edges to the center, this will help to avoid delamination of the nails.
5) Apply a little oil to remove the cuticle andLeave it for a few minutes to make it work. This is necessary in order to soften the cuticle. After the oil acts, take a wooden stick for manicure, move the cuticle and remove it. The remains must be moved to the base of the nail. This is necessary for the manicure to look complete.
6) In order for the nail plate to be flatAnd shiny, treat it with a special polishing file. Do not be zealous with this procedure - it can be carried out not more often 1 - 2 times in the day of the week, otherwise you risk cutting down the protective layer of the nail, making it thin and brittle.
7) Apply a means to strengthen the nails. It will reduce the harmful effect of varnish, strengthen the nail plate and allow the varnish to stay longer and lie more evenly.
8) Then apply the lacquer. Dye your nails, starting with the little finger. Spread a wide strip around the center of the nail, then paint over the edges. Excess varnish should be removed with a brush, and minor blemishes - a cotton disc dipped in a liquid to remove varnish.
9) In order that even the softest color becomes saturated, apply two coats of varnish. As soon as the first layer dries, apply a second one.
10) In order for the varnish to dry faster, apply a special agent-drying a thin layer.
11) You need to finish the manicure with a special coating. It protects the nails, allowing the varnish to last longer. Such tools often give nails shine, repel water. With him, manicure will need to be done no more often than once every 5 to 7 days, which is very convenient.
12) Several times a month, let the nails rest, covering them with only a firming or protective remedy.
13) Do not forget to visit a professional master at least sometimes.
14) Several times a month make warm baths for hands and nails, add water softening and strengthening agents, oils.
15) Do not forget - the perfect manicure is alsoWell-groomed skin of hands. Do not neglect moisturizing creams, try not to wash the dishes without gloves, take care of your hands from the cold and household means that dry the skin.

Fashion for manicure changes as rapidly asAnd fashion for clothes. Do not forget that a bright lacquer of a rich color is suitable for parties, not for the office. More vivid colors are relevant in the summer. Red lacquer and the French manicure are considered classics and go almost everyone. Do not rush to build up your nails, now in the style of neat nails of medium length, and accrued nails pretty spoil the natural. It is useful to regularly drink special vitamins that strengthen the skin, hair and nails - so they will grow faster and look better.
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