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Secrets of proper skin care

Bright skin.
Light skin is usually very sensitive, itMay be prone to both dryness and fat content. The color of the skin is determined by the amount of melanin, in fair-haired people it is much less, and the skin is paler. To achieve sunburn with such skin is very difficult, but, however, it is updated more often and the make-up lays down more smoothly. With such a skin it is easier to eliminate the effects of ultraviolet and allergic reactions.
Caring for light skin should be carefully. Choose cleansers that are suitable for sensitive skin. Do not forget to choose a product designed for your skin type - greasy or dry. During the day, use a protective cream or cream with a high content of antioxidants. Night cream may contain fruit acids or retinol. Do not forget to examine yourself for the growth of moles. In the appearance of new, consult a doctor.
It should be known that it is the fair-skinned peopleEarlier there are mimic wrinkles, therefore to warn their occurrence it is necessary in advance. Therefore, you will need quality skin care products at home and regular salon procedures.

Medium skin.

In the skin of the usual natural color of melaninEnough to ensure that it has a natural protection against ultraviolet radiation. But, nevertheless, even such skin needs protection. Wrinkles in people with the usual complexion are much less than those of fair-skinned people, but, on the other hand, there is a tendency to enlarged pores and increased fat content.
You will need a cleansing agent containingSalicylic acid to control sebaceous discharge. Often a powder is needed to remove the greasy shine. All products for care and make-up should have a matting effect.
Remember, if you are the owner of ordinary skin, thisIt means that it tends to form pigment spots. Melanin is produced in sufficient quantities, but under favorable conditions it begins to manifest itself more strongly, and you find different spots on the face and body. They can appear from depilation, from taking antibiotics or surplus vitamin A in the blood. Therefore, always keep on hand creams, fighting with age spots and brightening the skin.
Choose a means of escape that control the appearance of acne and irritation.

Swarthy skin.
Swarthy skin is perfectly protected from influenceUltraviolet, on it later all wrinkles are formed. In your arsenal you need to have anti-acne cleansers. Swarthy skin is often oily, so choose the funds taking into account this feature. If the pimples are left a trace, then withdraw it from the dark skin will be very difficult. On the swarthy skin, small scratches and scars are visible longer.
Such skin needs to be intensively moistened, as all agents fighting with pimples dry the skin. All creams are better applied to damp skin, so they are better absorbed and quickly absorbed.
Swarthy skin presents not only pleasantSurprises. For a beautiful complexion and almost imperceptible wrinkles you will have to pay with ingrown hairs. Therefore carefully exfoliate your skin if you are going to do depilation.

Regardless of skin type, do not despiseProtective means. Use a cream containing UF filters, so you will warn the possible appearance of skin cancer. Even in dark-skinned women there is this disease, only to diagnose it is very, very difficult. Choose decorative cosmetics with a complexion. And do not forget about regular visits to the beautician. With many problems, a professional will manage faster than you.
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