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Summer surprises

Summer flavor should be different from thatYou used the winter. In the heat, all the smells become stronger, you do not want that from the sharp smell emanating from you, people around dizzy? In addition, lovers of sweet smells are advised to change the fragrance to a more fresh and light. Sweet smells perfectly attract men and add to the image of attraction, but not just for the stronger sex. On a sweet smell, clouds of insects can fly off. If you do not want to be a tidbit for flies and midges, change your usual perfume.

In summer we sweat more than usual, this isA well-known fact. But every girl tries to become that nymph, which has no idea about such physiological features of our body. To ensure that excess moisture and unpleasant odors do not bother you or others, you will intensively take care of yourself. For example, after a shower you can sprinkle problem spots with talcum powder. These can be feet, places under the chest and inguinal area - that is, those parts of the body that do not fit your usual antiperspirant.

You probably guess that cosmeticsIs subject to the influence of air temperature. In the cold season, it can freeze, and in the heat - it will melt. Your lipstick, which is in your purse, can melt in the heat. Therefore, keep lipstick at home in safe places, and in your purse - a light lip gloss. In the summer all cosmetics should be easy, not to interfere with a skin to breathe. A good reason to change heavy lipstick for shine, foundation for light fluid.

Summer wet air may not be the best wayAffect your hair. In the morning, you do the packing, and already by noon there is not a trace left of it. Change the means for styling to those that are able to preserve the volume and shape of the hair for a long time. In this case, mousses and foams should be light, otherwise the hair will quickly become greasy.

In summer we spend a lot of time on the air,Bathe in the water, try to go to the sea. All this is not the best way to affect the condition of the nails. For example, you can notice that from the sun and salt water bright varnish gets an unpleasant yellow tint. Fighting this can be two ways - to use only bright varnishes or to cover the nails with special protective means.

How many times have we not been told that the skinIt is important to protect from the sun, that you can not sunbathe at noon, at least once in the summer each of us manages to earn a skin burn. If you see that the skin is red, that there are pain, then you overdid it, trying to achieve an even tan. Do not lubricate the burn with greasy creams and oils, soak a soft cloth or gauze with cold water and attach it to the problem area. Make masks from kefir, treat them with burns containing menthol - pleasant cooling will relieve pain.
If you take care of yourself, and burns do not appear,Can appear pryshchiki. In order that this does not happen, use a scrub, cleansers with salicylic acid. If you use moisturizing creams, let them not be greasy, best of all - with antibacterial effect.

Ingrown hairs.
In summer, we often do depilation, thatAffects the condition of our skin. There may be irritation, and maybe the problem is more serious, such as ingrown hairs. Getting rid of them is sometimes difficult. Take a hard washcloth and a scrub with large particles, work the skin well. This will help the hairs to free themselves. Then remove them with tweezers or a razor. If you can not get rid of the problem yourself, go to a cosmetologist.

When heat, the skin emits more fat, from whichNormal makeup can easily be smeared. Use lightweight products with matting effect, waterproof mascara. At your fingertips, always have cleansing tissues with antibacterial action, this will help you to quickly correct the blemishes of the makeup.

As you see, getting rid of problems that can spoil the rest or a romantic evening is quite easy. You just need to remember how to prevent or quickly get rid of them.
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