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Restoration of damaged hair

From sea salt water hair grow dull. The sun deprives the hair of the necessary moisture. After vacation by the sea, and also at the end of summer, the hair is more vulnerable than ever, and in need of care. How to return hair a healthy shine and bring your hair in order?

Quick help for damaged hair

First of all, you need to trim the tipsBurnt hair, if they are dry, brittle and split. Every evening, comb your hair with a special brush with balls on the tips of the bristles, gently massaging the scalp. Brush at least 50 times from the crown in the direction of hair growth.

Do a course of treatment at home. A wonderful hair moisturizer is burdock, castor or olive oil. Rub oil into the scalp half an hour before washing. Or you can make a mask for hair, based on vegetable oil: egg yolk, mix with the juice of half a lemon, add 50 g of vegetable oil, mix thoroughly and apply on hair for 20-30 minutes. This mask is especially good for light hair.

Brunettes can try this mask - 2Whipped into a steep egg-white foam, mix half a cup of freshly brewed coffee and half a cup of water. Mix thoroughly all the ingredients and apply on hair for 20-30 minutes. It is very useful to rinse your hair with broths of chamomile, string, nettle.


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