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Medical cosmetics - cosmeceuticals

The cosmetic cosmetic formulaThe series is advanced and actively affects the skin. The popularity of medical cosmetics is growing every year. The market for its implementation last year amounted to millions of dollars. However, there is a precedent of not quite correct application by the cosmetic manufacturers of the term "cosmeceutical" in relation to products that are not curative, but only contain active agents for transporting components into the deeper layers of the skin.

True medical cosmetics is able not only to take care of the skin, hair, but also has the properties to restore their structure, regenerate even deep layers of the skin.

The composition of cosmeceutical products includesVitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, acids and other active substances. For example, vitamins A, E, C help to successfully combat the aging of the skin, panthenol and acid converted from it are the basis for normal cellular metabolism, lipids identical to those contained in the skin help to repair damaged skin, antioxidants reduce the negative impact of free radicals, etc. .

Therapeutic cosmetics is indispensable for those,Who has very sensitive skin. This type of skin, as a rule, does not tolerate the content in cosmetics of a large number of preservatives, fragrances, dyes. Cosmeceutical in most cases is not only hypoallergenic, but also contains medicinal components that soothe irritated skin, make it healthy and well-groomed.

Therapeutic cosmetics are sold in the pharmacy network, andAlthough the level of content in it of medicinal substances does not exceed the permissible norms, it should be applied better after consulting a specialist. A competent cosmetologist or, in the presence of skin diseases, the dermatologist correctly draws a scheme of using cosmeceuticals, the duration of the course of application, will advise which active ingredients should be present in one or another cosmetic agent.

Consultation with a specialist will not only helpOrient in a wide range of medicinal cosmetics, but also avoid the wrong choice of cosmetics. But in case of problem skin it is important not only to timely treat, but also not to harm.

A big plus of medical cosmetics is herThe ability to supply the necessary nutrients to the skin, to influence its independent restorative properties. Such an active effect on the skin of cosmetic products makes it possible to use a smaller amount of drugs to treat dermatological problems. Cosmeceutical products help to get rid of mycosis nails, pediculosis, prevents the appearance of herpetic eruptions on the lips.

Modern manufacturers of medical cosmeticsAttach great importance to compliance with the standards of content of medicinal components, because this class of cosmetics is intended for healthy people. The use of cosmeceuticals in this case is justified in order to prevent aging, restore skin turgor. Regarding hair, medical cosmetics can be used to prevent their loss, to restore the hair follicles.

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