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Love magic, love spells

In the ordinary understanding of the magic of love you can talkAbout such things as heart palpitations at the words "I love you", about kindness, sensitivity and gentleness. About how you can forget that the rest of the world exists. Uncomplicated moments, for example, stroking hair, hugging, shaking hands, make you experience a whole range of feelings and sensations. And when your man brings you a single rose to say: "I thought about you today," you understand that this is the real magic, magic. About love, verses and songs are composed, whole treatises are written, love experiences are described for millennia. Emotions that accompany relationships can be charming and delightful. But they can be terrible. For example, once-elevated relationships suddenly fail and leave you devastated and unhappy. Or they break the heart, causing so much pain that you can wish for yourself death. Nevertheless, negative moments do not stop us from new experiences and involvement in the mysterious world of love. And here comes the love magic of love spells.

But if the majority simply reconciles with loveFailures, you can not say this about everyone. We all know the concepts of love spell, plot, spell. And this already applies to a completely different practice than the one about which the conversation went higher. It's not a secret that there are people who call themselves magicians, shamans, sorcerers and witches who promise to help in any situation, including love dramas. Along with the treatises that celebrate the feelings and romance, the tracts that are useful for locating a loved one, for preserving peace in the family, for returning their "half", for fulfilling a love wish, are also popular. And all this can be achieved, using complex or not very incantations, spells, or other effective means. The spectrum of such tools is diverse and large, and the tasks that can be performed can be witches who are engaged in this all their lives, as well as ordinary people who have become acquainted with the spacing of necessary actions or spells. You can use tarot, astrology, palmistry, photos or other subjects and approaches. In history and literature, there are many examples of love magic, for example, the story of Tristan and Isolde, who tasted love potions. However, many warn of the harmful effect of magic on the subject of the conspiracy, and on the person, this conspiracy fulfilling. The consequences may be minor, but may be disastrous, ranging from health problems to fatal outcomes.

Perhaps the day will come when the technicalProgress will take another qualitative leap and what few today feel and know (call it magic, witchcraft or extrasensory) will be available to everyone. Today, magic is an exception to the rules, pathology. Therefore, it is not uncommon for love magic to fail its task, which pleases skeptical inhabitants. Errors are inevitable, because the most important principles of extrasensory perception are still terra incognita. That's why you should not experiment with the unknown once again. If you take such a decision, weigh again all the pros and cons, perhaps in your power to change the situation without resorting to cardinal measures that threaten to affect your entire future life. After all, love magic is not only potions, charms and spells; It is also a game, meetings, conversations, embraces, actions - everything that has been used by women for centuries to conquer their men. And all the means necessary for a love spell, at the hand of each of the fair sex: eye shine, silky lips, soft hands, exciting whispers and much, much more.

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