/ How to create a SPA zone at home? Soft water BWT - high level of comfort

How to create a SPA zone at home? Soft water BWT - high level of comfort

Constant employment, an endless stream of urgentAffairs, daily stresses fill the life of modern man. It is especially difficult for women who must traditionally keep a family hearth, provide comfort to the spouse and children, and solve business issues and manage to monitor themselves. How do you keep your beauty and youth?

After a busy day, what could beBetter relaxing bath. But how to create a real SPA-corner at home? Modern technical facilities allow to organize a spa area even on 6 square meters. What it will be, a shower of impressions or a compact jacuzzi bath, is up to you. But in any case, you need to pay attention to the quality of water in your home.

Hard water - a threat to your comfort

Increased water hardness is one of the most common problems in our country. Anyone can determine the level of rigidity - you do not need to do this for complicated analyzes.
After washing your hair, your hair becomes hard and brittle, and after taking a bath, your skin becomes dry and irritated?
On the plumbing are formed ugly whitishStains? Water heaters have to be constantly cleaned of plaque and calcareous deposits? This is all the "charms" of poor-quality water. The water hardness level is determined by the ratio of magnesium and calcium in its composition.
If you want to take a bath with comfort, and also provide protection to household appliances, water softening is the only right decision.

Creating a SPA zone using the BWT technique

The creation of a home SPA corner requires the use of quality sanitary equipment. And so that it functions without problems and breakdowns, it is necessary to supply softened water.

How to achieve this? You can trust the quality of your water company BWT (Best Water Technology). For more than 25 years, this company has allowed people to use clean and safe water for cooking, and for taking water procedures. BWT offers a wide range of equipment. BWT Water Softeners Are represented by models that are characterized by different:
  • Degrees of productivity;
  • Power levels;
  • Volumes (for urban apartments or for large cottages).

AQA PERLA XL - pledge of soft water in your home

Filter-softener AQA PERLA XL is the most popular filter in the line of BWT softeners.
AQA PERLA XL Refers to the equipment of the office type. Its unique feature is the ability to save its settings even in the event that there was a power outage. All settings and indicators are displayed on the smart multi-informative touch panel. Technique is even able to warn about excess of the rate of consumption of water or salt. Soft water is supplied by the filter in an uninterrupted mode.
Innovative equipment BWT will allow you to fully enjoy the spa procedures. Take care of the quality of your life, and the quality of your water will be taken care of by BWT.
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