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How to choose a solarium

In addition, you can sunbathe not only lying down, but alsoStanding. As a rule, in a vertical solarium the lamp is more powerful than in a horizontal one. It is also believed that vertical solariums are more hygienic than horizontal ones, because when using the first, direct contact of the skin with the surface of the lounger is excluded.

By the way, an obligatory rule in all withoutThe exception of solariums is the treatment of the surface of the lounger with a special disinfectant solution after each visitor. Check whether it is done or not is very easy: if the litter is not wiped, the spots and streaks remaining after the previous session are clearly visible on the transparent surface.

One of the latest developments in this area -A horizontal solarium with an "anatomical" design. The surface of the lounger in this capsule repeats the contours of the human body. In such a solarium it is very convenient to lie, and tan lies much more smoothly than in the usual horizontal.

If you want to quickly get a nice tanOn separate parts of the body, you will be suitable for a solarium. In it, as a rule, lamps with A-radiation are used, so this tan lasts not for long. Some models of armchairs-sun decks are equipped with special massagers for back and legs.

Professional tanning studio equippedSolariums in the category "turbo". They have a built-in timer. As a rule, these miracle machines are not designed for a long tan, and burns from them can be even stronger than those obtained in the open midday sun.

When choosing a solarium, you need to pay attention toThe following points: the capacity of the solarium, the time for tanning, the date of the last replacement of the lamps. For the fastest and safest for tanning, take an interest in such things as the spectral composition of the lamps, the presence of a reflector, the number and power of lamps, electronic control and a special room.

There are many reasons for The benefit of tanning salons:

In the solarium, you sunbathe, which means that you will lookBeautiful and like yourself and others. This is an important psychological factor, especially somewhere in February, when everyone is like moles around, and you are the one radiating health and joy;

Ratio and power of ultraviolet rays "A"And "B" in the atmosphere usually fluctuates. It depends on a number of factors: time of day and year, degree of air pollution, geographical latitude and intensity of light reflection. Accordingly, with such imbalance, it is very difficult to predict the result of a "natural tan". Ultraviolet lamps in solariums provide a balanced combination of rays "A" and "B" and completely exclude the presence of gamma rays "C", which are destructive to the cells, and therefore there is no reason to worry. In addition, the type "A" rays here is also only 5-10%, so your skin will be less exposed to the aging process under the influence of sun rays;

Exposed ultraviolet cells of a person begin to separate the so-called hormones of happiness - endorphins, so the solarium - not only a way to look better, but also to cheer yourself up;

Ultraviolet rays strengthen the immune system;

Ultraviolet rays type "A" have a beneficial effect in the treatment of skin diseases: psoriasis, fungal diseases, etc .;

Another solarium helps to fight with respiratory diseases;

Sunburn in the solarium protects the skin from sunburns under the "living" summer sun or before going to warm countries.

All these useful properties of artificial sunburn can turn into harmful, if you do not observe the simplest rules. At first, Before visiting the solarium you should always consult a doctor.

Secondly, There are diseases - such as hypertension,Diabetes, disorders in the thyroid gland, mastopathy, gynecological diseases, in which any tan is contra-indicated - including, artificial.

Thirdly, Some drugs, for example, many antibiotics, can cause increased sensitivity to sunlight and, as a result, skin irritation.

It should be extremely cautious in the solarium duringPregnancy: there is a risk of getting covered with age spots, and tan itself can acquire a purple hue. The fact is that during pregnancy, a hormone is produced in women that creates a pigment-activating effect - chloasma.

At the same time for the fetus, the radiation of the solarium is notIt is dangerous if the expectant mother does not overheat. Unlike you, a baby in the womb can not regulate the temperature of his body, since his sweat glands have not yet formed.

Remember that Maximum time of the session in the solarium - 20 minutes. And then only if the equipmentIn the chosen solarium - the last generation. In a good tanning studio, experts will advise you the optimal time for your type of appearance tanning. For beginners it is not recommended to spend more than 5-7 minutes in the solarium.

Do not try to sunbathe negligee: On the one hand, a tan without white stripsMuch more beautiful, on the other - it is on the traditionally covered with clothes the most delicate and sensitive skin. And only lazy does not know that sunburn topless can lead to breast cancer.

Sunbathing is necessary with a clean body. So before the session take a shower: It is necessary to wash off not only make-up, but also the remnants of perfume and toilet water - they can cause allergy. Reaction of the skin to a combination of cream and ultraviolet can also be inadequate, so use only special cream designed to moisturize the skin after sunburn. Do not go to the solarium on the day of cosmetic procedures (skin cleaning, peeling) and visit the sauna or sauna. This can put too much strain on the skin.

Buy special glasses for solariums: A retinal burn is not the most pleasant thing that can happen to you in this life.

Well last thing: The most even tan will provide youVisit the vertical solarium: the body parts on which we lie suffer from poor blood circulation, and the lack of oxygen can lead to a decrease in the production of melanin in these parts of your body. In general, light up with the mind!

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